Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hey there,

For the channels you mentionned, the team is not yet formed and we don’t know when it will be.
Once you see the moderator icon appearing in the 3rd tab “subtitling team” for each channel, you can contact the moderator of the language you want to subtitle in (Arabic if Arabic, Portuguese if Portuguese…).
So keep an eye on that tab for the meantime.

While waiting, you can:

Look for a show that has the blue tag “on air”, that is being subtitled and that has a moderator icon in your language. Then, contact the moderator to apply to subtitle this show.

You don’t need to look for channels that have 0 sub in your language to begin, look for shows that are being subtitled.

When you will contact moderators, ask at the same time if they don’t have other shows where you could subtitle.


Hi! Would like to subtitle :slight_smile: I can do Chinese to English I can help with some Korean to English too!


Hello, I would like to help with any subtitle project from English to Portuguese.(and I’m not 100% good at English, but I can try) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Olá, eu gostaria de ajudar em algum projeto de legenda do inglês para o português.(e não sou 100% bom em inglês, mas consigo desenrolar) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


hello!! i would like to work in the translation english to espanish


Holaa, estoy en busca de algún proyecto para la traducción del ingles al español!! Desde ya muchas gracias!! Espero su mensaje :smile:


Just keep in mind that subtitling does require a level of fluency in both languages…also lots of dramas deal with different subjects that might sometimes be hard to translate if you’re not completely fluent (I’m saying this from my own experience, a lot of viewers will be watching too)
That said, glad you’re willing to help, hope you enjoy your time volunteering here at VikI!:grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi there! I’m looking for a project. I have a good level of fluency in english and my native language is portuguese, so I can help translating from english to portuguese :smile:

Olá! Estou procurando por um projeto. Tenho um bom nível de fluência em inglês e minha língua nativa é o português, então posso ajudar traduzindo de inglês para português :smile:


Wow, I can’t believe 2020 is almost over!!! For those where I have written “No Viki account,” an account is free so when you open one, just offer again. I’m currently working on a drama with an area license that requires Pass Plus. I added that info for other moderators. Here’s the list of people who offered to volunteer in the month of November:

lily_gabena_909 No Viki account

SPANISH Has Standard Pass
denise_escobar_ruiz No Viki account


larissalazari7_12 No Viki account
neilde_nascimento_16 No Viki account Has Pass Plus
nicolepansanatoc_960 No Viki account Has Pass Plus
tiokpoper No Viki account


INDONESIAN Has Standard Pass


anantikakhude7751_95 No Viki account
srids_sareen No Viki account has Pass Plus



CHINESE Has Pass Plus Has Standard Pass
aquinojulia449_539 No Viki account Has Pass Plus

PERSIAN Has Standard Pass

DUTCH Has Standard Pass


CZECH Has Standard Pass

TELUGU (An Indian Language)


Hello! I really want to help with anything that has/needs English, Korean, and Telugu subtitles. I know that this post is asking for people to subtitle but I am also willing to segment. Thank you for all the hard work y’all do, cant wait to work with you guys :smiley:


I was wondering if there is anyone willing to be a Japanese moderated for me I learned Japanese but I don’t know everything this is for the drama twisted fate of love


Hello, I would love to help. :slight_smile: I can translate from English to German. I already have some experience in translating.


I really want to help with subs. I can speak fluent german and english. I also speak a little french, korean, indonesian and dutch.

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Hi, my main language is italian but I’m also a very fluent english speaker. Feel free to contact me, hope you’re having a nice day!!


Raffaella, ti consiglio di aggiungere al tuo post anche il link della tua pagina di profilo. Però prima sarebbe una buona cosa popolare questa pagina di profilo con qualcosa per renderla più interessante e accogliente per chi la visita. Non è difficile, non serve intendersene di html, l’editor è molto facile da usare, se sai usare Word te la caverai alla grande. Metti qualche informazione su di te. Non è necessario che sia roba personale. Le tue conoscenze linguistiche, che tipo di serie o film preferisci (se hai delle preferenze), cosa ti ha fatto venire qui e desiderare di aiutare con i sottotitoli ecc. Puoi inserire anche delle immagini, cliccando sull’icona con il paesaggio. Possono essere immagini trovate su internet (copiando e incollando l’URL) oppure immagini dal tuo computer (di non più di 400KB) che puoi caricare. Una volta caricata, ci puoi dare le dimensioni che vuoi e decidere se metterla a destra, a sinistra o centrata.
In bocca al lupo!

Se non hai fatto altre traduzioni finora, ed hai del tempo libero, ti potrebbe forse interessare il mio corso (gratuito) di formazione-perfezionamento traduttori su Viki.


Hey !
If anyones interested, I can help with subtitling from English to Finnish (I can also do Korean to English but I’m still learning haha)

Feel free to message Me ! I work very fast as well.


If you need help translating from Chinese to English feel free to DM me. I have prior experience subtitling on Viki. I’m open to all projects, thank you!


Hey ! I’m new to subtitling on Viki, but have experience translating before.

I can translate from English to Finnish, as well as some Korean to English (I’m still learning, but pretty good)

Please let me know if you need help, I’ll be more than willing to get to work right away !


I would like to volunteer to subtitle from English-Portuguese
(I’m not the best in English but I would like to improve it)

Thank you so much in advance!

Gostaria de me voluntariar para legendar do inglês-português
(não sou o melhor em inglês mas gostaria de aprimorar ele)

Desde já agradeço!


@tiokpoper: There is also a thread for Portuguese subtitlers where you could post, in Portuguese.