Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hi there, I can sub from english to french. If you’re interested feel free to pm me. :wink:


Thank you ! <3


Hi everybody! I would like to help with subtitles from ENGLISH into ITALIAN ^^ feel free to message me !! :smiley:


no soy exactamente profesional en la traducción pero ya he traducido varios comics en ingles español y francés


Hi, I’m a new volunteer and I haven’t found a project in which a can help. So… if you’re interested, I can subtitle from English to Spanish. Thanks :blush:
Here is the my profile’s link:


Hello! I would like to help, I can subtitle english/spanish.
This would be my first time subbing, but Im a fast learner and would love to help out!


I am available for subtitling from English to Italian


Hi there :slight_smile: I’d like to help if needed, I can subtitle from english to french. Cheers ^^


Hi! Any projects I could join? I can sub English to Italian or English to Spanish. I’m fluent in all three languages. Years ago I subbed/segmemted actively, and I’m looking to get back into it.


Ahojte chcel by som vedieť či su tu aj SK,CZ SUBS. :myslenie:


i am planning to join a subtitle team . pl help me do that


Just be sure to specify what languages you can translate to/from



My name is Jenny and I’ve done translation/transcribing work for different companies as a freelancer and now, currently working for a Korean start-up.

Decided to start this route because my friend recently got interested in Korean dramas and she always had some questions despite the subtitles.

I am fluent in both Korean and English!

Please let me know if I can be of help! :relaxed:



I am so happy u contacted me. I am good at translating from Korean to English and even Chinese to English. I really want to join the Viki subtitlers family :).

Please let me know if I can join.

Thanks for making my day amazing.


@heyjennycha_867, @saanvi6533, @wjd_go_dls05, and @coldfire, welcome to the community! There is a high demand for Korean-English translators so you will not have any trouble finding a project. I’ve only been subbing since this July so I am still learning but if you ever have any question or need help with anything, don’t hesitate to ask. Good luck with your future projects!


@saanvi6533 hello!!

If you want to improve possibly your Chinese skills and have a start in the subbing community, I have a KMOVIE project that needs people to sub from English to Chinese (Simplified).

If you are interested feel free to send me a PM here -

Hope to hear from you soon

BZ :slight_smile:


Hi, @bzbz888
Could I help in the Kmovie project you have?
I have been learning Chinese for a while, so if you still have a place, contact me :blush:
Here is my profile link:

Thanks for your attention,


Hi! I am a fan of Viki. I would love to help Viki with segmenting and subtitling from English to Vietnamese. Please recommend me some projects. Thank you!


hi¡ i can help with the subtitle
english - spanish
korean - english
korean - spanish
chinese - english
chinese - spanish


Hi! I would love to to help with subtitles if anyone needs help, I can sub from english to spanish and vice versa:)