Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hi! I can translate from English to Hungarian. I’m looking for my first project here but I’ve translated many Kdramas before on other platforms. Let me know if I can help you or join your team please. Thanks a lot!


Hello and welcome!
You don’t need to spam Discussions with different threads on the same subject. Spanish moderators see this thread, so it’s enough to write here. (It would be a good idea to delete the two redundant ones).

Rather than looking by project and writing to a moderator about that particular project, you’d have more success if you wrote Spanish moderators saying that you are available but have no Vikipass, and asking whether they have any projects where they could put you. Sometimes they also have some older projects which don’t require Vikipass or QC. You can start from there, doing whatever (we all did that at the beginning). When you become QC, then you can pick and choose, because you’ll be able to work on most dramas.


I’m new here! :slight_smile:
I’m fluent in German (mother language), English and French.

If someone needs help please contact me.


Hi! I can do English to Spanish, I’d be glad to help.


Heyy I’m looking to subtitle for the first time, From English to Arabic, I don’t mind any show!!


Hello !
I’d love to translate subtitles from english to french :slight_smile:

Contact me if you need any help ^^


Hey everyone^^
I am new here and would like to try and help with subtitles. My motherlanguage is german but i am fluent in Englisch. Aditionally I am learning Chinese (for 2 years now) and speak a little French, so i would be able to do some basic translations.
Thanks everyone^^


I want to subtitle i can subtitle english to portuguese, please im newbie but i can help


Hey ! I am looking for my first project to subtitle from English to German or the othe way around :slight_smile:
Link of my profile:


I am looking to subtitle Chinese into English.



I can translate from English to French or Italian.

Let me know if you need help.



I can translate from english to italian or Spanish.

Let me know if I can help.


@aquara_heilerin_624 I wrote you an email, check your Viki Inbox :slight_smile:


Je peux traduire du Japonais au Français, je suis débutante (j’ai commencer mon premier projet hier ^^). Si besoin d’aide je suis là :slight_smile:


Oi, me voluntariei hoje e gostaria de auxiliar nas legendas do inglês para português. Por favor, se for possível contribuir, estou a disposição.


Hi, I would like to help subtitle from English to spanish. Let me know if I can help.


Coucou ! Sur Viki c’est toujours de l’anglais vers le français. Ce n’est jamais de la langue originale :blush:


People who know the original language can translate directly from the source language, as long as they discuss it with the Channel Manager and Chief Editor.


Yeah, but it’s really rare though for french because there’s a whole organization that comes with the vocabulary in the document so even though it is possible I doubt the french moderator will allow it. (Because yes she has to talk to the manager and editor, but there’s first the one in charge of the language if you know what I mean) Please correct me if I’m wrong again.


Yes, I think it’s more common for solo subbers.