Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hi! I’m looking for a project to work on!
I can translate from English to French and French to English. I have a lot of free time, so I’m really fast and motivated.
I look forward to working with you :blush:

a link to my profile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi my name is johanna

im looking for subs from English to spanish , i have plenty of time so i can give a hand if you need a help in any proyect !


Hello, everyone! I’m very new to subtitling on Viki, but I’d love to help with any project available. My native language is English, but I know a good degree of Chinese. I can go both ways with either English to Chinese or Chinese to English. Please message me if you’re looking!
Thank you!


I just made this category because I saw a lot of people trying to let a lot of people know they can translate or that a lot of people
So if you guys need to let other people know that you can translate, you can just reply with your name below and/or state that which type of translater you are.


We already have this topic for finding subbers / offering help with subtitles:


Your so right, I saw that too! I thought it was a great idea. I guess we do have another topic to let other people know other people that they need to subtitle. I just thought that it would be cool. But I guess we really don’t need this one because we already have that chat.


Hi this is Anais i can translate or subtitle from English to Arabic, from English to French an from French to Arabic


HI! This is Camila i can translate English to Spanish and English/Spanish to French


Hello, my name is Meri and I’m quite new on this platform, I can translate English into Romanian or vice versa. I also have some knowledge of German. Hope I’ll be able to help.


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my name is mounika . i can help with subtitles in telugu


Olá! Tudo bem?
Sou nova por aqui e tenho interesse em legendar do inglês para português. Obrigada!


Shouldn´t the CM add there volunteers or the language mod!
and all episodes are already finished in german for youn´s kitchen @x_jexxica_x


Like the others wrote already. You are definitely not allowed to do so. In my teams the language Mod add their volunteers and not someone who doesn’t even know the language or if the team is finished or full.
Also I as CM just add Gold QCs as the language Moderators.
No Viki rule says, that you as a Mod are responsible of every language. You’re only responsible for your own language, the German Mod for the German team, the Italian Mod for the Italian team etc…
Only the CM is responsible for all languages or rather for the language Moderators.


Yes it’s ok if the CM is okay with it. But I wonder if that’s the case here since some are already completed in many languages.


Oh, I get it now.


I think only moderators of this particular language should add subbers, because when you don’t speak the language, you don’t know whether the transation is accurate and might just get google translated sentences. I’ve seen many dramas with absolutely awful subtitles that were caused by someone solo-subbing. However the CM probably didn’t speak that language so had no way to verify the accuracy of subs.


Unfortunately, you can add someone as a Moderator, one who had been a moderator many times before, one with 300.000 subs… and you will still get GT. There are no safe bets here.

Sorry to digress the thread.

#4096 is our Spanish Mod is our Co-Mod for the show I do not know if she is still looking for more help or not.



Hello. I want to help with subtitles…I can sub from english into Portuguese.