Want to subtitle? Let people know!


**** The team is complete *****

Do you want to join the team for subbing from English to french in the cdrama My heroic husband.

Thanks for your answer.


Hi, I would volunteer in subtitle translate k-dramas from english to polish.


Hola, me gustaría ayudar.
Puedo subtitular del inglés al español.


Have a look here. They need the Polish to be finished. RECRUITING Language Mods for the kdrama "Good Casting"
You probably need a vikipass to access the drama.
And it’s a VERY tough spy drama, full of technical terms, political, financial, scientific, whatnot. Really not for a newbie, but maybe you know about these subjects. And of course you’d have to watch the first 13 episodes to get an idea of what’s going on, you can’t just jump in into ep.14 and start translating.
Anyway, you may want to write the Polish mod.


Hi! I want to know if there are any shows to subtitle, I can in English for Portuguese and Portuguese for Spanish.


PM me ! Mounika I will assist you as you are a newbie!


Please don’t suggest projects in this thread!

This thread is only for subbers who offer their services. You can read the thread yourself in search of French volunteers. And good luck in your project.


Check your inbox I PMd you!


March Volunteers

KOREAN Pass Plus Standard Pass
emeraldian57_330 No Viki account


CHINESE Standard Pass

FRENCH Standard Pass Standard Pass standard Pass
caamilagomez7_497 No Viki account

GERMAN Standard pass

PORTUGUESE Pass Plus Pass Plus Pass Plus
valerianascimentosou No Viki account No Viki account

emilyang No Viki account Pass Plus


SWEDISH Standard Pass


merishor2016_810 No Viki account


ESTONIAN Standard Pass



POLISH Standard Pass


Is she active now? I need her help right now!


You should not be asking this here, you’re wasting time. worthyromance just notes all volunteers down who have posted in this thread in the last month. You should contact the volunteer you need yourself and do it via a private message.

Let’s keep this thread neat and tidy, people! :blush:


I did that already,the volunteer did not I am verifying with worthy romance whether she knows the volunteer is active or not! And sorry for wasting your time!


Hi, I’m a new member and I would like to work on some shows, I can translate from English to Italian


Hi, I’m a Korean-English subber with experience. I took a break because of uni work but looking to become more active, so if any shows need any extra subbers please reach out!


Hey! I used to contribute a lot back then here on Viki, even did some of the Portuguese-BR subtitles for Temptation of Wife before it’s license expired… Now I’m looking to get back into translating, if anyone needs any help! I’d love to get active again.
Of course, I can translate from English to Portuguese or vice versa.
Thank you for the attention!


If there is a project I can translate from English in German and German in English.


The offer came about five days ago. This is the second time the offer was made. I hope the person replies to your message.


Hy, my name is Wilma, I would like translate drama from english to italian language. Let me know if you need me!
Ty so much!


Hey, is this the answer for me or someone else?


My answer.