Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hi. Salut! I’m new and looking for a project to translate from English into Romanian. Preferably without a very tight deadline. I’d love to be able to help with some comedies, as my friend mostly likes those.
Please feel free to message me anytime. Thanks!


If you look on the upper right corner, it says who the reply is for. :grinning: It was for padmalayag. It’s hard to get used to at first.


I can translate from Chinese to English and vise versa. I want to help do subtitles for shows, not dramas or movies. I prefer subbing variety shows.

Any suggestions?


I’d like to translate from English to Italian :blush:


Hi everyone ! I’m available if your need someone to translate from English to French !


Hello everyone!
If you need any help translating from English to Portuguese (I’m from Portugal so if it’s a Pt-Pt project even better!) I’m available :grinning:


I’m available to translate from english to português (br) :star_struck:


Olá já fiz varias legendas e procuro um projeto sou Sofis e gostaria de fazer de inglês para o português(br)


Hello:)) I’m available to translate from English to Italian!


Hello, I’m available to translate from English to German…


Hi! I can translate from English/Portuguese/Spanish to Italian :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hello! I’m new and I’m available to translate from English to French :slight_smile:
If you need someone, reach out to me!


Hi!! I can translate from english into spanish :blush:


Hello! I’m new and I can translate from English to Arabic or vice versa :blush:
If you need someone, please consider me in your projects.


Hello! I can translate from English into Hebrew, I can’t really find any projects so I’d like if someone can contact me!


Hello, I would like to help subtitling:

  • from Korean to English
  • from Korean to French
  • from English to French

I also have some experience in translating and subtitling!



@hayoungeum_260 try to search for similar topic next time… (in the search box on the right top)


Hi! I’ve worked on a movie so far but can’t seem to find any projects so hopefully someone can reach out to me! I can sub for anything involving French, Chinese and English!


Hi! I can help subtitle from English to Italian


Hello there! I’m looking to help subtitle korean-english! :bread: