Want to subtitle? Let people know!


I have already posted there.
I don’t really have much interest to be a hindi subtitler.

i think thats a better option

Should i just message a channel manager of a movie to start contributing?
How did u started ? I could not find any malayalam moderators.

@vivi_1485 @padmalayag thank u so much for ur support guys. ur replies meant a lot to me :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Yes and only send a message to the cm of a movie only if you really like it. First watch and then start subbing so that you will get an idea.

I was added to my first project by a moderator but she never did her job she became a moderator with just 600 subs. And she stopped long ago and I took it up and I’m using it for new bies testing and training. She actually don’t know who a moderator is. She don’t know how to lock the subs she never clarified my doubts and she herself used google translator.

I will try searching and post here.

If no one is there first do one movie as a subber and you can become a moderator later when you get some experience.


i will try that way . is there any dead line or something ? should we get enough time to do them or should we have to spend so much time on them?


Yes you can spend your free time only ! No deadlines but once you take a project finish it without fail. That way you can gain good impression.


i will :+1::+1:


Found one user from Play ful kiss


Some CMs will want you to have a deadline, but not all. But keep a deadline for yourself, or you’ll find it a very long-drawn, lonely job. Take a short series, as Padma said. If there are no moderators, you might have to ask to be added as a Malayalam subtitler till you get QC status.

the user hasn’t been active in quite a long time, though :neutral_face:


Yes I didn’t see! Sorry. But @wanted101
Keep your hopes up!!! Definitely ppl will join you but it takes time.I was alone for 4 months.

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Try messaging them but don’t expect a reply too early.

I’m wondering what @shraddhasingh is typing for so long Im waiting for the past half HR.


its okay :grin:

understood :blush:


Hi @wanted101
These are the Malayalam subbers I know of. I can’t guarantee if their language skills are excellent or if they’ll reply you within this week but you can try PMing them.

I also respect your decision to work as a Malayalam subber rather than Hindi subber. I frequently come across lots of Hindi subbers who can be excellent volunteers in their native language but still chose to volunteer for Hindi, as a result degrading the quality of Hindi subtitles. (knows Malayalam, currently working for Hindi)

I also have a google sheet where I keep record of all Indian language subbers, just in case. I’ll link that sheet here later on.

Just as Padma and Vivi said, choose a really short movie, set a deadline for yourself (say 2 weeks for a 100 minute movie) and reach out to people whenever you’re in doubt.
Also, beware of people who use Google Translate and you shouldn’t use Google Translate either.

When you write a PM to the CM of the movie/drama you want to work in, make sure you mention the following:

  • Name of show and position you require (subtitler/editor/moderator; currently, opt for subtitler)
  • Your flunecy level in Malayalam.
  • Your availability during a week
  • How many days you’ll take to complete the show.

Best of luck for your project ψ(`∇´)ψ


He he :grin::grin:
I was going through recent dramas to find some subbers who can be of some help.


really i dont know what to say . you guys are really supportive . i will look for some short movies and pm the cm. i hope i can start contributing soon


This user was active 4 days ago message her now.


You even pm me telugu subbers profiles also.

Ommo ommo! Love you dear!


ok , i am gonna do that.


Last activity 3 days ago pm her also. @wanted101

Last activity 21 days ago.

Thanks @shraddhasingh
@wanted101 as I told never lose hope…!!



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