Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hello! I’m looking for recommendations of projects I can subtitle or caption for. I can help sub Chinese-English and Korean-English. I would also like to help with Chinese or Korean captioning. Feel free to message me :wink:


Bonjour, je suis disponible pour sous-titrer de l’anglais au français. N’hesitez pas :slight_smile: Hello, i can subtitle from english to french :slight_smile:


Hello, je suis disponible pour sous-titrer de l’anglais au français si vous avez encore besoin :slight_smile: Hello, I would like to subtitle english to french if you need so :slight_smile:


Pense à passer sur cette page et y laisser ton profil : Liste de personnes voulant traduire et editer des dramas @celine_cholet_70


merci :slight_smile:


Quero legendar, posso legendar do English para português.


Hello I am Yuzu and I can translate from and to these languages :
Arabic + English + Korean + Japanese.
Please inform me if there is any project that is in need of subtitlers because I currently have no projects to work on.
Thanks and have a wonderful day.


Romanian Subbing Academy resumes its activity.

To all volunteers from other countries: if you receive requests from new Romanian volunteers to translate into Romanian, please redirect them to the form or to my profile to contact me.


Sorry for posting here, but I thought it the most appropriate topic. :see_no_evil:

Thank you all! :blush:


Hi, Korean - English Subtitler here. I hold native fluency in both languages. I took a break because of work-school, but I started volunteering at Viki in 2013, used to be a QC, and have experience as an English Moderator and English Subtitler for many dramas. I’m back and looking to contribute to any projects that need people. Thanks!


Bonjour, je recherche des traducteurs anglais/français pour un drame historique chinois qui se nomme « A Lifetime Love ». Je recherche des personnes expérimentés avec minimum 4000 ou 5000 sous-titres à leur actif.
N’hésitez pas à m’envoyer des candidatures.

Mon profil :
Le drame :


Hello, I am a professional content Editor (French) and I would like to correct several mispelling errors in a drama (French subtitles).
Even several reviews on that drama contain complains about the French subtitles / translation and spelling mistake.
I have contacted the needed people who were in charge of the drama, but with no success. It’s an old drama and subtitles’ team membres who were in charge of it don’t seem active anymore.
Who can I contact ?


Who exactly? The French moderator? The CM? The Chief English editor?

If none of the three respond within a week or two, only then is it correct to contact Viki directly.


Hello Bozoli,
Thank you for your answer.
Yes, the three of them, last week.
I also checked their profile and they don’t seems involved in any recent projects anymore. The most recent activity I saw was beginning 2021.
I will wait a bit more for an answer :blush:


Contact @sneha_narayanaswamy


Volunteers for the month of February

(3k subs/qc/ viki pass standard)

Arabic: (663 subs, rookie) ( standard pass/ trainee / 2 k subs)

Bengali: ( qc trainee with standard pass/1.4 k subs)

Chinese to English: (inactive gold qc - 21k subs)

Czech: (qc trainee - 1 k subs Viki pass standard)

French: (rookie 0 subs) Viki pass standard (qc 4.9k+ subs) (rookie 0 subs, Viki pass standard) (rookie 0 subs, Viki pass plus)

German: (rookie 98 subs)

Italian: (rookie 0 subs)

Japanese: (qc trainee - 1.1k subs) ( standard pass/ trainee / 2 k subs)

Korean to English: (rookie 0 subs) Viki pass standard (rookie - 163 subs Viki pass plus) (inactive gold qc 21k subs) ( standard pass/ trainee / 2 k subs) (qc/ pass plus/ 17.9 k subs)

Polish: (qc /standard pass/ 8.2k + subs)

Portuguese: (Viki id is not there) (Viki id not there)

Spanish: (rookie 474 subs) (0 subs) (rookie 0 subs) (rookie 50 subs)

Tamil: (rookie 0 subs)

@bozoli @worthyromance @padmalayag


Hello,I am Lavanya,from India.I am interested in this field of subtitling.And I can translate to telugu,hindi,English too .So,please anyone do let me know about the process because I am new to this,and I am a rookie.


Hi lavanya gaaru, If you want to subtitle in Telugu, please contact me


feel free to contact me if you want to sub in Hindi.


I volunteer to subtitle from English to Hindi.