Want to subtitle? Let people know!


thanks a lot. I am looking for volunteers




I’m new here so it’s hard to find projects to subtitle, but I want to be helpful!
I volunteer to subtitle from English to Italian. :blush:
Please contact me if you’re looking for someone :pray:


Bonjour, je cherche un projet à traduire, de l’anglais au français ^^ j’ai déjà pu faire du sous-titre il y a quelques mois donc j’ai les bases (comment cela fonctionne) ^^
Merci de m’envoyer un message si vous avez besoin :smiley:
Bonne fin de journée / de semaine ! :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m new here and I would like to help subbing from english to french (or german to french,if you need ?). I am used to translate, as it is my part-time job IRL, as how to sub correctly, I’ll learn quickly !

Feel free to tag me/dm me if you have a first project for me ! :smile:


Olá, Sou brasileira e quero traduzir o dorama Mom Has an Affair do Inglês para o português.


The Chinese subtitle on ‘Go Go Squid!’ is out of sync in learn mode.
I’ve been trying for months to have it corrected.
I’ve reported the issue several times and to several people who have worked on it. What else can I do?


I’m new here and i’m a german girl who loves to watch asian dramas. I mostly watch them with english or german subtitles. So I would like help translate subtitles to german. So, I’m looking for the first project where I can proof myself.
So please feel free to to contact me, if you want to give me a chance or just want to chat a bit to get to know me :slight_smile:.
yuniko1886 - Rakuten Viki


Hi, I can subtitle Korean to English or do Korean to Korean captions - If there are any projects available, please let me know :blush:


Hi everyone, looking to contribute to any projects wich I can sub from English - Spanish. I´m a native spanish speaker, and have C2 english level. :hugs:


I would like to contribute with translations from ENG to CZ, although I am a beginner in this community. I am a native Czech language speaker, I have experience from translating computer games from ENG to CZ in the past and I work in an English speaking company, so I think my language skills are good.
I tried to apply for some projects but no one is really answering me, so I’m trying my luck here. Maybe because of my 0 contributions, but I just need to start somewhere.:confused:
I prefer Japanese dramas, because I don’t really watch kdramas, cdramas and others and I would like to spread love for jdramas to more viewers in my country.
Usually I have 1-2 hours every day around midnight and 2+ hours at weekends. Usually when I focus on something I try my best to finish it, that means I would like to contribute ideally by translating one whole drama at a time. :slight_smile:
wulfien_8 - Rakuten Viki

Thanks for reading my post. :slight_smile:


Bonjour, je recherche des traducteurs anglais/français pour une romance vietnamienne qui s’appelle « Summer in Closed Eyes ». Je recherche des personnes avec de l’expérien comme des rookies.
N’hésitez pas à m’envoyer vos candidatures.

Mon profil :
La romance :


Bonjour, je recherche des traducteurs anglais/français pour une comédie vietnamienne qui s’appelle « The Cougar Queen ». Je recherche des personnes avec de l’expérience et des nouvelles.
N’hésitez pas à m’envoyer vos candidatures :wink:.

Mon profil :
La comédie :








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How is one supposed to know THAT??


@shraddhasingh is an intellilady


I checked her profile before she changed her name. She was working on a drama where I am working, too. So it was easy to spot hehe.


I do have a trick for how to spot or find people who change their usernames often, but that’s for another thread.

How do I find people's profiles on Viki?

Hehehe, cheater! :grin:


Hello everyone,
I would like to translate from English to Czech. I am a native speaker of Czech.I know English from school and I lived in the UK for a few months. I have experience with subtitles in friends’ videos and translation should not be a problem.:grinning:
I’d rather focus on kdrama, but I don’t mind Japanese drama either. I will be happy if you help me find my first translation on this web! If you know anything, I would love for info.:laughing:
I have about 2-3 hours 4 times a week.:innocent: