Want to subtitle? Let people know!

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Hi everyone,
I am looking for projects for Korean captioning. I’m a native Korean speaker, and I can also translate Korean into English, but my preference is Korean captioning.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Viki was not founded solely for the “popular” languages but for all languages. And as long as there are volunteers for a language, it’s likely that there also are viewers.


Καλήμερα χαιρόμαστε πού ήρθες το όνομά σού στο viki είμαι τό ίδιο πού εχεις καί εδώ; για να σου στείλω μηνύμα εκεί ώστε να σε κατατοπίσω καί να συνεργαστούμε

I would really like to help

hi, I´m able to translate from english to czech. Any projects to recommend?

Im new here bare with me , how to contribute with translations x

Hello! I can sub from English to Portuguese, are there any projects currently recruiting? Many thanks!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@momozilla im waiting too! for a translation to came along lol lets spread the love :heart_eyes:

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It would be great if you could specify the language you’re interested to help on.




Portuguese and English

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Hi to every channel manager. I have experience become English subtitler in few dramas. I am interested in joining any dramas to subtitler Korean - English team or korean to korean. I hope you may consider me joining your team.


Hey, I’m at your disposal if you want the content to be subtitled from English to native Urdu and Contra!

Are you a QC? I hope some one will join the project I am doing right now :rofl: I hope it had a Korean subtitles, it will made my life more easer :face_holding_back_tears:

Hi, I already lost my QC because I don’t get to join any new drama but if you give me join your team, probably I can still edit subtitle and get my QC back. Sorry for asking, what kind of drama are you in?

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I’m not a CM, Just Arabic Mod in the project, I’m talking about “CEO-dol mart”, try contacting the CM maybe she can help you in some way.

i can translate from english to hindi

Hi everyone,
I’m new to subtitling. I’d like to help translating from English to German.
Please let me know if you need help. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello! I can sub from English to Italian. Let me know if I can help. Thank you!