Which languages do you know and which do you want to learn?

Ah okay, didn’t know that. I will ask and write you back later ;D
I read that a man studies like over 60 languages. When he was little everyone is his family spoke in another languages so at the age of 10 he could already speak 10 languages.

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If I did life over, that’s what I’d do instead.

Yay! Go for it!! I think it’s great when people have big goals.

That’s okay. Everyone started somewhere…

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Greek are my native.
I know English
and French.

I want to learn

I know:
English (fluent)
Spanish (native)

I want to learn:
& Korean ( I’m trying to teach myself right now so if anyone have some tips about learning korean or a website… Please share). (^-^)//

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There’s a lot of suggestions in a few threads here, like http://discussions.viki.com/t/challenge-to-korean-learners/1927, http://discussions.viki.com/t/learning-korean/443 and http://discussions.viki.com/t/site-to-learn-korean/1357. All the best to you in your language-learning endeavors!!

I know french (first language)
and I’m fluent in Korean, English, German and Chinese.
I’m starting to learn Swedish and Japanese at the start of the year @ school ^^

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Ah, you already know most of the popular ones. How’d you learn the extra languages you know already?

Either alone or at school ^^ I used to live in switzerland so I learned german there.
Then I moved to Korea when I was 10. And that’'s how I know Korean.
In korea the 2nd language that I took at school was Chinese, so I’m learning it since I’m 11 or so.
Then I learned English by myself because Korea is NOT the place where I could learn English and become fluent.
But since last year my English teacher at school is Canadian so I’ve been able to learn more properly the language.
I continued to study German when I transfered School…
And I want to become an Interprete (?) so I have to know 7 languages.

Really? What kind of interpreter needs to know 7 languages? I always thought 2 was enough. And are you still in Korea?

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I’m planning of entering a certain school with a really high level, so I need to know at least 5 languages fluently, not counting the native language. And yes I am ^^

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keeping this post alive… xD

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how old are u

17 years old

ur only three years older then me and you know all that. where I live u only get three choice of what u want to learn and u stick to one i pick Spanish there’s German and French too. i wish i could know as many as you

Wow that’s the most practical way to learn languages :open_mouth: you’re really lucky and respect. It’s not easy to keep up with ao many languages

Spanish is my native language, and I´m fluent in English.

I want to learn:
Japanese and

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Congratulations!!! That is quite a goal, but I heard that at least you need english, spanish and mandarin. So, you have 2 out of 3! :slight_smile:

I know English, Chinese, Korean and Cantonese. Trying to pick up Spanish right now (: I think it will be useful in the future :smiley:

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This is a great combination already! Keep up the great work!! :thumbsup: