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Monday is one of those days! we had clear skies over the week end, nice warm weather, now we have to be prepared for the rain! But I at least can give a smile; so here goes

go ahead child at heart color it at your hearts content, I did


Hihi, maybe in: Put on a smile :wink:

I have a different type of panda chopstick rest. When I saw them at the market, I just had to get them cause they were so cute! :smile_cat:


I was going to put this on laugh for the day, but thought this would be neat here, so enjoy!


ok here ya go.sillyness…
No matter how bad your life is, it’s still not as bad as a person who sits around worrying about the gender of a plastic potato. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Is that a monster ready to attack?


ok you Irish folk what say ye??


SciFi Fantasy World

Poster based in the United Kingdom

· 17tSpomnsohhreduh ·

Ernest Borg-Nine

#startrek #BORG


I am blue today so sending flowers your way to cheer y’all up

so color to your hearts content, I did

Pink roses for a Blue Lady


lol I was WONDERING when the head konking potential would be mentioned. :scream::grin:

lol. In the U.S., Saint Patricks’ Day, leprechauns, etc., are all part of a boozing-in-your-face-I’m-Irish-solidarity-party day. However, in Ireland, it is a day of Holy Obligation - meaning. “Get yerself to church ya heathens!” :rofl:

I once asked my (Irish) gramma about leprechauns, and she replied with just ‘a look’ and then responded, 'You mean the cereal?"

My sister was born on March 15 and wanted her nephew as a birthday present. My gramma wanted my son to be born on Saint Patrick’s day so my son compromised and was born on the 16th. Neither one was happy. :rofl:



ok heres one more for our iron skillets



I have to laugh because of how stupid a webshop is, seriously. Btw that webshop is legit, ordered there before no issues.

At the end of january me and my mom ordered some spring/summer clothes. Some things where not in stock yet and where expected to be in stock in march. No problem. When I placed the order they asked me if I wanted all stuff send ASAP or if I wanted it to be send in one package. They even promoted that option. Me and my mom where like let’s pick that option because that easier for us and it’s spring/summer clothes anyway. We could even ask for free shipping and a free gift set with our order hurray, who doesn’t like a free gift. It was a set with a small backpack, wallet, scarf and a watch.

Last week our package came but 3 things where missing and they would send it later (huh? we asked for one package…) and they changed the free gift in a parfume set which stinks terrible but at least the bottles are cute. Last friday I received a mail an other package was send out and it contained 2 things. I was like WTH are they seriously going to send a 7 euro tshirt in yet an another package?! Yes they do! I just received a mail that was send to me too.
And now the funny part, the postal service didn’t pick up my other package from their warehouse yet. So if they where smart they included that shirt. But no now there are 2 packages waiting to be picked up by the postal service :see_no_evil: :laughing:


Yes! but not for long!

Did you ever read the Darwin Awards? Supposedly given to people posthumosly. “The Darwin Awards salute the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who accidentally remove themselves from it in a spectacular manner!”



and no vodka!! just coffee!


oh my goodness who is winning?






:laughing: You had me going at first!

I was thinking the Grapefruit and milk are going to curdle.
Why the oreo instead of a better carb?

then I saw the ‘snack’ and dinner and lost it. :rofl: