Annoying subtitles that bothers Me/Myself and I/ to see them here at this site


@xylune may have to come and clear things, but what I understood was -

Xylune was working on a presubbed HK movie here on Viki. The presubs had weird punctuation and so xylune’s sub count increased by 1200 just by putting full stops here and there. This isn’t a big deal because someone has to correct punctuation.

We should stop discussing this. I don’t know about the others, but as an editor, it feels like we’re being blamed for things we never did. I’m not saying you don’t have a right to voice your opinion, but this paragraph -

— has multiple grammatical mistakes, too. We all make mistakes when we’re angry or stressed, so I think it’s better to move away from this topic. I feel like a lot of users have just been repeating the same explanations over and over again. At this point, we’ve explained everything that an editor does right and everything an editor can do wrong. Presubs are presubs. Most of the time, an AI does them. That’s why they’re so terrible. As far as I know, they just come along with the drama. Deciphering them is a nice challenge sometimes :joy:

We, as a community, will keep striving to create better subtitles so everyone can have the best viewing experience :blush: We hope for a day when no one can find annoying subs on this site! There are lots of dedicated, hardworking editors here who do their very best and teach others to do the same. Fighting!


That’s correct, I didn’t know it was misleading :woman_shrugging: :laughing:
I mean, sometimes there are subtitlers who don’t use “.” or whatever in unsubbed dramas (which was the case in a recent drama, and they missed to correct some of those) - but I guess not following “orders” is always an issue and probably won’t change either.


If that is how you see me, then I have nothing more to say to you. I am not going to waste my time explaining things to you when you are only searching for a chance to attack me. Farewell, angelight. May our paths never cross again.


Lately, I have worked on a HK movie with no punctuation or rather weird punctuation (lots of ;). Afterwards I had about 1200 subs more for mainly putting “.” etc. everywhere.

This is the sentence that confused me into thinking @xylune was saying they we adding some form of periods instead of a subtitle.

or rather weird punctuation (lots of ;).

You may want to know why I’m writing about this AGAIN, but I myself was confused as to WHY I though he/she was saying the subber added periods as subtitles. It was the simple sentence; ‘’ or rather weird punctuation (lots of ;).’’


Information source/excerpt from @scribendi and @Penlighten
The asterisk format used by me for: My own notes and/or my personal opinion.

There are four main types of parentheses that can be used in writing. However, not all of them are acceptable for use in writing like for example, in subtitles in dramas/movies/shows/videos.

The four main types of brackets are:

Curved Brackets or Parentheses (…) are the most commonly used and are the focus of this article.

Square Brackets […] are most often used to include additional information from an outside source (someone other than the original author).

Curly Brackets {…} are often used in prose to designate a list of equal choices.

Angle Brackets < … > are typically used to enclose and illustrate highlighted information.

In formal writing, parentheses are often used to provide supplementary information within a sentence. This information is not essential to the sentence, but the reader will benefit from knowing it.

Example: page number where source was taken from (mainly done for research papers, Bibliography).

Brackets are used heavily within stream-of-consciousness writing as a way for the author to show the reader what a character is thinking without having to create dialogue. Be careful though, because the overuse of parentheses can lead to a cluttered and confusing text.

I personally feel this is happening a lot here lately when writing subtitles in dramas. Brackets/Parenthesis should be used very LIMITED in Asian dramas. They are confusing to the viewers. Besides the fact that brackets/parenthesis don’t belong in RVIKI’s subtitles unless is on SHOW videos where TEXT need to be written inside the brackets […]

Subtitles are: The sentence at the bottom of a video screen that shows the viewers the translation of the drama from its original language. Example from Korean To English or Korean to German ( any other foerign language)…

Subtitles can also be used for introductions and/or credits.

They are especially used to help deaf people or people that are hard of hearing like I am; to be able to watch dramas/movies etc. through the reading of the subtitles.


If you have ever written an academic paper, then you have undoubtedly used curved brackets for your in-text citations. These citations usually occur at the end of a sentence and provide the reader with the source of the information that the author used in the sentence. You will often see these in academic journals, for example: “It has been said that the origin of the spoon dates back to the Middle Paleolithic, when man began using the hollowed out shells of small turtles to sip water (Ferreira, 1986).” The information in the parentheses is essential, not to the meaning of the sentence, but to avoid plagiarism.

(Ferreira, 1986) was the source where the information was taking from. The year is added to be more specific about the source since in this case; Ferreira might have done other books/material in different years.

How to avoid plagiarizing a source that you used.
Always add excerpt at the beginning of the article you copy and paste like I did on top.


Plagiarism is definitely one of the most serious offenses within the literary, academic, and professional worlds. It occurs when a writer, for whatever reason, decides to steal the work of another writer and pass it off as his or her own. The stolen material - simply taking another writer’s ideas and rephrasing them as one’s own can be considered plagiarism as well. The act of plagiarism violates both academic and professional integrity, and often comes with very serious consequences for doing it.

Sadly this is something that has been done at this site when writing subtitles.


Avoid plagiarism by giving credit to the original author.

You can’t give credit to original author when writing subtitles; so the offense is punishable by law if caught and reported to appropriate the Department. Please, don’t take a chance that can be costly for you in more ways than one.

Plagiarizing is "to steal and pass off as one’s own, the ideas or words of another; or to use a created production without crediting the source: to commit literary theft.’’

What are the Legal Consequences? Most already know that plagiarism is an ethical infraction and a violation of your school or workplace’s honor code. If you’re caught plagiarizing, you can be punished by your school, fired from your job, or even have your career ruined. excerpt

Tips to Avoid Plagiarism source from @Penlighten

Considering the grave implications of plagiarism, it needs to be avoided by all means. It has been noticed that a large number of people plagiarize out of ignorance, but ignorance is not considered as an excuse for escaping its consequences. Here are a few measures that can help you to avoid plagiarism.

■ If you are using other person’s exact sentences or phrases, do not forget to put the quotation marks around those sentences.
This can’t be done when we use other source of a person who wrote the subtitles so this is a clear offense of plagiarism.

Examples of: Scandals of Plagiarized work
One of the most famous plagiarism scandals is about the book, The Wild Blue: The Men and Boys Who Flew the B-24s Over Germany . It was written by the popular historian and writer Stephen Ambrose, and he was widely criticized for plagiarizing passages from the book, Wings of Morning: The Story of the Last American Bomber Shot Down over Germany in World War II , written by Thomas Childers who is a history professor in the University of Pennsylvania.
Stephen Ambrose apologized and promised to put quotation mark in the text taken from Childers’ book, and as a result, legal action was taken against the author. But, Ambrose had to face huge criticism when a Forbes investigation found additional cases of possible plagiarism in his other books as well.

He ruined his life and career; not counting the money losses trying to deal with the Legal mess he had to battle in the process.

Kaavya Viswanathan, a second-year undergraduate student in Harvard University, was highly acclaimed for her novel How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild and Got a Life , which was later found to have heavily copied portions from the books: Sloppy Firsts (2001) and Second Helpings (2003), written by Megan McCafferty.

Later, all shelf copies of the book, How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild and Got a Life were recalled and destroyed by the publisher, and she also lost contract for a second book.

Everything in life has its own consequences, and plagiarizing subtitles will cause here for your account to be suspended.

If you are reading this notes you are no longer ignorant of what plagiarism really is; therefore, please avoid plagiarizing subtitles from other creators.

** I used double asterisk to add my own notes/personal opinion **



Is the word ‘‘anyways’’ in the Dictionary?

The word ‘‘anyways’’ is in the Dictionary not defined as a ‘‘real’’ word that can be used in formal writing, but as a word universally regarded as being incorrect, and not fit for print for publication. It is also considered a word that is grammatically incorrect.

The usage of ‘‘anyways’’ seen so much lately here as a subtitle in the dramas/movies, should be discouraged since the non standard English word ‘‘anyways’’ is considered grammatically incorrect. If is grammatically incorrect that means it has no place here at RViki since it will affect the quality of the subtitles. We take so much pride in saying that Rviki subtitles are the best, but if we keep using this adverb/word, the quality of the subs will decline.

Is anyways in the Oxford dictionary?

Yes, ‘anyways’ is in the dictionary. Anyways is not a real word . It’s amazing that that this improper use of the word anyway has become a real word. Bad English. What a shame.

Remembering the Difference

If you ever forget which word is the correct choice, just remember that the “S” in anyways can stand for “slang.” And if you are writing for a professional audience or for publication, and subtitles included, slang words are not appropriate.

I consider the subtitles ‘‘a formal way of writing,’’ and adding anyways in the subtitles we are taking away the formality and quality of our subtitles at this site. Let’s take pride in the work we give as volunteers by doing the right thing. AVOID using anyways, please. Thank You for the attention in this matter.


This wonderful information might be by passed and I feel it can benefit many new rookies working in dramas/movies. Hoping @irmar is doing well.


Nov '21


I don’t know if Rviki subbers are doing it

Many, many Chief Editors include this in their Subbing Guidelines, and specifically say that it shouldn’t be used. Gonna, gotcha, wanna, and of course “anyways”. We also include a shortened version of the guidelines on Team Notes, and this is always included. Of course subbers continue to write those things, because most of them can’t be bothered to read guidelines and Team Notes. So we keep correcting them.
These here are veteran Chief Editor cgwm808’s Guidelines, which are followed by many if not most teams here. And these are mine .




I am watching [WOK OF LOVE] for second time now, and they have the word [ANYWAYS] throughout the drama. They also have the brackets with SPACE on both sides.
Example: [ RESTAURANT ] no space are needed between brackets so it should be like this [RESTAURANT]. By the way, every bracket I saw so far in the 5 episodes have a double space on each side.

I was also shocked to see a lot of misspelled words like whereever (obvious wrong spelling and it clearly always gets the red line underline in the word by spell check). It’s wherever how you write this word correctly. Another thing that irks:face_with_raised_eyebrow: me; when they write OPERATION instead of surgery.

  • A surgery can only be used from a medical perspective representing a procedure. This procedure is carried out with the purpose of solving a specific health related problem.

[If you have seen Wok Of Love you know the FL needs surgery for a medical condition she has, but yet, she says: I want an operation, please. (which may sound right to many but using the word surgery would be more appropriate).

  • An operation on the other hand is concerned about a method by which certain action is performed.

[Therefore, that is why we see [OPERATING ROOM] in top/at the entrance/doorway/room, where the SURGERY for the patient will take place. Some Hospital has the word [OPERATION] only in top of door entrance where the surgery will take place. I should know since I have seen plenty of them in my lifetime like in PR. my island, and here in the USA.

I wished they had more experienced editing people assigned to check subtitles in dramas/movies, old or new, and when they see stuff like that, it would be nice if they got ‘‘fixed’’/ ‘‘corrected’’ so the viewers can see more quality in the subs.

When the viewer is seeing/watching in a drama so many mistakes in the subtitles, they can’t fully enjoy watching the drama. I FULLY understand that EDITORS are doing a great amount of work. but if they had a limit on projects they are working on…? Maybe, they’ll have the time to do the proper editing before they jump on to the next project.

This drama is from 2018 so the editing stage is long forgotten. How can so many people working on a team not see this things happening in this drama? Is quantity REALLY winning over quality?

Translation is hard enough I get that, but isn’t that why we have extra hands to help/fix these kinds of issues?

I was wondering through all this; isn’t the RED LINE underline in the word (indicating misspelled words)…being FULLY ignored/disregarded?

Although people may see these notations of mine as rude, I see them as trying to help Others understand that by ‘‘fixing’’ or ‘‘correcting’’ things, we are ALSO learning in the process. We all make mistakes, and that is why ERASERS/Correctors were made for: To correct things/erase the wrong things in them, and make them right. A little more effort and time can really give QUALITY a chance here too since it seems to me that quantity now, undeniably has the upper hand at this site lately.

PS. Here, ^ I am referring about the misspelled words in the drama (like whereever) not the word operation because that’s another subject of usage of the word, not the spelling… By fixing misspelled words, the viewers can learn how to write the words correctly.


@angelight313_168 Wok of love didn’t have any editors as the channel is managed by Viki staff, it was also translated and edited by them. Sometimes our volunteers do a way better job :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



Oh, wow! shocking to know that, but relieved at the same time. Thanks for letting me know. Definitely, the volunteers here at RViki always strive for Quality work in their subtitles, which I’m so very happy and proud about that. I’m wondering if they (viki staff) would read this somehow, and make the appropriate corrections. I don’t know if any staff is available here now…:thinking:


Wow! This is very interesting. I didn’t know that it was so clearly defined in the USA. I suspect that this is another one of those British/American English differences. Here in Australia, where British English is common, “operation” is used as a synonym for “surgery.” Both the medical profession and citizens use the words interchangeably. The below image is from the Oxford Dictionary and seems to suggest that it could well be another language difference.


Hi @manganese. Hope all is well.

I just finished episode 13 from [One the woman] and the editing so far is just awesome because the sentence are so much clearer now. The story flows so well that I got the part I didn’t understood from episode 9, and I’ll learn more as I continue watching till episode 16. I love that they added extra explanation to certain Korean terms they used there in the drama that I’m not too familiar with (I think that part was @choitrio) she’s an expert on doing that, and she always manage to make them short but very precise.

Well, I was reading @irmar notes a while back, and I realized that although there is a difference in both British English or American English they are both feasible here at RViki. Whatever you guys choose is acceptable, too.

HAVE A BLESSED WEEKEND you, your family, and Everyone here, and thanks for the hard work you and the team are doing by editing [One the woman]. It’s very nice of all of you to put that extra love in the dramas.


I usually don’t go by Dictionaries as much as the Professionals in the Fields definitions; Regarding SURGERY/OPERATION I feel it’s more appropriate to use the word SURGERY based on this.

The American College of Surgeons adopted the following definition for
Surgery is performed for the purpose of structurally altering the human body by incision
or destruction of tissues and is part of the practice of medicine. Surgery also is the
diagnostic or therapeutic treatment of conditions or disease processes by any
instruments causing localized alteration or transportation of live human tissue, which
include lasers, ultrasound, ionizing radiation, scalpels, probes, and needles. The tissue
can be cut, burned, vaporized, frozen, sutured, probed, or manipulated by closed
reduction for major dislocations and fractures, or otherwise altered by any mechanical,
thermal, light-based, electromagnetic, or chemical means. Injection of diagnostic or
therapeutic substances into body cavities, internal organs, joints, sensory organs, and
the central nervous system is also considered to be surgery (this does not include
administration by nursing personnel of some injections, such as subcutaneous,
intramuscular, and intravenous when ordered by a physician). All of these surgical
procedures are invasive, including those that are performed with lasers, and the risks of
any surgical intervention are not eliminated by using a light knife or laser in place of a
metal knife or scalpel. Patient safety and quality of care are paramount, and the College
therefore believes that patients should be assured that individuals who perform these
types of surgery are licensed physicians (defined as doctors of medicine or osteopathy)
who meet appropriate professional standards. Most state specifically define surgery to start at the point of incision and end at the close of the incision. There are different types of surgeries, such as elective, cosmetic, minor, major, or ophthalmic surgery.
The American Medical Association House of Delegates adopted the definition of surgery created by the
College in 2007, providing uniformity within the house of medicine and surgery.

Funny thing is that when I asked the many Doctors anything about the operation; they will answer me using the word SURGERY all the time.

This is an example I found about other patients, too.

Patient discussion about operation

Doctor, I am worried how safe the operation would be and the post operation complications? My wife has a cyst in her right breast and further tests are going on. I am worried how safe the operation would be and the post operation complications?

*Answer by Dr.
surgery for the cyst in breast is common. Any cyst in breast indicates breast cancer. These surgeries are very safe.

As you can see the husband used the word OPERATION , but the Doctor answered with the word SURGERY. But of course, this is here in U.S.A. I understand that in other parts of the world, they might not even used the word Surgery. I believe that surgeons here feel the word surgery defines what they’re doing better than the word operation (in my opinion) because we have heard the use of [Operation] to define other stuff like

Excerpt from Collins Dictionary
the fact or condition of functioning or being active.

“the construction and operation of power stations”

Word forms: operations


An operation is a highly organized activity that involves many people doing different things.

*The rescue operation began on Friday afternoon.

*The soldiers were engaged in a military operation close to the Ugandan border.

  • OPERATION PETTICOAT famous movie on Netflix 1959 WAR/COMEDY.

  • Operation Hippocrates
    An undercover probe by a district attorney’s office and the National Insurance Crime Bureau into an auto crash scam.


Since I got accepted to the Ninja Segmenting Academy soon after I started helping out at “One the Woman”, I only helped out very little with the project but I know that the drama is in good hands with very capable editors.


Hi @angelight313_168 :slightly_smiling_face: I hope that all is traveling well for you, too. It’s a nice, mild sunny summer day here in Melbourne right now with blue sky everywhere. It’s perfect!

You’ve made my day!!! Thank you for your really super comments. I can’t take that much of the credit, though. @nimi_stepinac, @choitrio, @emilyazel and many translators have all contributed. I’m just the one who helps with the final bit of polishing. When she comes back, @irmar will also go through what I’ve done in her absence and make changes/corrections. It’s been a real pleasure working with the above TEs. I’ve learned heaps. As a single-language speaker, I’m in awe of those on here (such as yourself) who speak multiple languages so well.

With One The Woman, I’ve just finished editing Ep 14. I still have three questions that nimi, Em or choitrio need to answer before the episode is released to other languages. From an English-sub perspective, though, I don’t think that these three yet-to-be clarified subs will disturb anything. I’m planning to have Ep 15 done by this coming Tuesday evening my time. After that, Ep 16 shouldn’t be too far away. (The TEs are presently working on that.) It’s a brilliant show. I told my partner just yesterday that he’s got to sit down and watch it with me. Honey Lee is awesome!

I hope spring is starting to show signs of coming along for you!


Thanks for all this information! I haven’t yet read it thoroughly, but I do intend to. I love learning about the differences in the way English is spoken and understood around the world. It’s quite eye-opening.

All the best,


Thanks for all this information! I haven’t yet read it thoroughly, but I do intend to. I love learning about the differences in the way English is spoken and understood around the world. It’s quite eye-opening.

All the best,


The Groundhog from Pennsylvania predicted 6 more weeks of winter for us here, so we have another winter storm on its way. So far we had 29/19F degrees, and yesterday it went up to 62F, but it was so cold. I had a Doctor’s appointment, and dumb enough, I put on my spring jacket, and was freezing myself to death. I was so upset bc how can 62F feel like 30 degrees or less? We did had high winds (25mph). The wind factor ruined the weather.

I am so happy the weather in Australia is so nice so you can enjoy it with your partner. Australia is gorgeous for what I see in the many Documentaries on Netflix. I have never seen here or my Island, such a beautiful sky like I see there, the clouds are sparkling white, and the sky such a gorgeous baby blue. In my 60 years not even in my Island I have seen such an intense baby blue.



They are doing a wonderful job, and I thought it was you (putting the explanations between parenthesis) because I rarely see that done here in dramas, and in top of it all, explanation was done short, but so well.
My admiration for the subber who excel all my expectations with this improvement in the subtitles. Also, my appreciation included, and thank you to all the team (including seggers for their hard work in the drama). I can finally follow the story now.

I really never liked segmenting, and back in my days, it was literally a war zone to get to seg a part. I can’t give you any encouragement there bc I hate not to see you doing more subbing in dramas, but that’s selfish me…sorry. i am glad @manganese gave good news that @irmar will be back soon, too.

I have so many appointments starting next week, new treatment plan, and the packing. I came here to relax for a bit, and stayed much longer. GOOD NIGHT, AFTERNOON or MORNING to everyone. See ya’ around!


Sorry to mislead you @angelight313_168. I’m just working from the positive thought that Irmar will return. I haven’t heard anything about how she is going. I really hope that she is doing okay.

Reading this makes me pleased I’m in Australia! We definitely have some pretty good blue skies here. Today was one of those days. Here’s a picture of one of Melbourne’s river walks on a sunny day. It doesn’t look like a big, sprawling city in this picture.



I’m just working from the positive thought that Irmar will return.

Oh, that’s sad to know in a way. The misunderstanding was really my fault bc you did wrote ‘‘when she comes back,’’ not that she was coming back. That virus takes a while to shake off once it gets you. I went through so much with my oldest son when he got it twice before, and recently again!

If it wasn’t for the vaccine; I don’t think the outcome would have been so positive. He got over it, again. Mind you, he got the booster too, and willing to get the fourth dose (booster) when eligible. sigh

Your picture doesn’t show the full beauty I saw in the documentaries from Australia on You Tube (I think I wrote Netflix before lol). One was from Brisbane, and the other one from Melbourne. The night sky in the documentaries were very dark, and when they showed the deep dark sea, it reminded of my Island. I don’t enjoy the sea during the nighttime. For some weird reason; it terrifies me. lol

In here it’s only 31F, but it feels around 25 cause we have very cold high winds from some storm getting closer. Tomorrow will be getting snow. When I hear in the news that the meteorologist are complaining of how cold it feels, I know to bundle up plenty. I’m not going out there today anytime soon either. I detest cold weather. lol

I’ll wait to continue watching [One the Woman] Fully edited. I will continue with [WOK OF LOVE] since I’m trying to earn the badge. Love collecting Badges.