It sounds like you are very conscientious. I agree with all your statements here, again :grin:. I also pick up nuances and I think this is what frustrates me when reading subtitles. Most of the time, they’re great; often, they’re almost perfect, but not quite. Sometimes, they’re kind of awful.

It’s good that you create this ‘safety net’, being aware of your own limitations. I think you have a very good system.

One of the reasons this convoluted process to get into editing subtitles here is so frustrating is that I am a native English speaker, I do speak/write well and have a very good handle on my language, I do have very good education, I haven’t grown up with text-speak, and I love that language and want it to be used fully and skillfully, for all that it offers. Sigh. This is life :sunglasses:.

I really appreciate your insights. Thanks


On the page/article in the Viki Contributor Community that explains about the different positions and how to get them, it says to contact the Channel Manager about General Editor positions. It seems to all work quite differently from what these articles explain! I’ve been getting a lot of different and more correct information - about how it actually happens - here. In the future, I’ll try contacting the editors - although the teams tab doesn’t always show Chief Editor positions, just Moderators for the different languages, and Editors for the different languages. It’s hard to know, from that information, who to contact. I guess the Moderators?


It’s easy :wink:
When you open a subtitle team tab, you’ll see the team members, beginning from the Channel Manager to the very first subtitler added in the team. If you find it difficult to locate a CE, scroll just below the subtitle team tab; there’ll be a very gorgeous cover page which lists the team members. Every cover page is unique, so you’ll take a few seconds before locating the CE.
A few examples:


Super Rich–

Sometimes, there is no cover page.

In such cases, you’ll have to familiarize yourself with the CEs. Since there are only a few editors, you’ll often find the same faces working on different shows.


Have you visited the Ninja Academy website yet? I think that site is more accurate with the way things work because it was written and developed by volunteers.


These are excellent credentials, but it’s also good to get some experience.

For instance, a major skill to develop is to understand Korean sentence structure. Why? Because then you will be able to understand some sentences that apparently make no sense. You will know it’s literal translation, you will go back to the Korean style of saying things (no, you don’t need to actually learn the language!) and understand the meaning, so that you know how to change it. Become used to finding sentences with the verb at the very end and develop strategies to deal with them. Inverting them is the simplest solution but it doesn’t work all the time, because sometimes you have to match the surprise factor and the actors’ reactions.
Then it’s the style. Matching the style to the speaker and situation. Learning to recognize formality levels (again, you don’t need to learn Korean for that - and I’m only mentioning Korean because that’s what I have experience in)
Then of course it’s the customs, food items, place names, cultural references, ways of speech which some people translate literally and some not … If you don’t know about them, no matter how excellent your knowledge of English, you’re bound to make blunders.
And the formatting. And how to shorten a sub if needed without losing crucial information.

I could make more examples but my point is that even a real-life professional editor and proofreader would still need to work with an experienced Viki editor on a couple of projects before tackiling something on their own.

You may be interested in these two threads:
English Subtitle Editing
What do you find difficult when you edit and what is time-consuming


Absolutely. I don’t have the practical experience with these yet - what I do have is the language skills needed. Definitely, the rest needs to be learned. For any of us starting out.

These are good points. I’m familiar already with many of them, from having watched so many shows so far.

The main thing I’m trying to say is that I, and others like me, surely, want to be given a chance. We do need experience, and therefore we need to be able to get it! That’s really the point.

Thanks for your insights. There is certainly a lot to learn.



lifeweaver The main thing I’m trying to say is that I, and others like me, surely, want to be given a chance. We do need experience, and therefore we need to be able to get it! That’s really the point.

Listen, there are people here that are working as ‘‘Editor’’ (CE/GE), and when I wrote to them in English, they answered to me in Spanish because according to them…’‘it would take them too long to write to me in ENGLISH.’’ I WONDER WHY… you know…GT takes time: that says it all. If they can be EDITORS in dramas, so can you.

PLEASE get in contact with @manganese, a wonderful caring human being. He/She works in dramas as CM/moderator/? and I know that if there is any project and you ask him/her to add you to the team, @manganese will, and can give you that chance you need to gain experience and move on in here. BTW, he’s from Australia and I believe you, too?

Here is his/her profile page:

He/She just wrote an interesting topic about:💫 Some English Tips and Tricks



Hey, thanks! A nice tip. You’re right, I am Australian :sunglasses::earth_asia:.

And thanks for understanding :blush:.


Okay. I created this thread as a list of available English editors and I added new ones whenever I found them, so that CMs and English moderators who need an editor may come here and find one easily and quickly.
The discussion sort of veered towards issues that English editors face. That was already getting off-topic, but let’s say it was somehow relevant.
But I would request of you that you don’t use it for listing of projects that are recruiting or for general discussion on dramas you like and stuff like that.
Otherwise it will be extremely hard to find the relevant info anymore and it will completely lose its purpose.
Please, whoever wrote comments irrelevant to the thread topic, especially in the past 5 hours, I’m asking you to delete them.