Funny subbing mistakes


Lol, understandable, these days I encountered an error editing.
I found the phrase “toilet” in a scene that has nothing to do with toilet. I laughed a lot.:joy::joy:
People using Google translator are always surprising!!


Another day of editing gt:

Miss, you’ve got to be kidding me. -> “Miss”, you must make me laugh.

If you keep being like this, we’ll have to call the police. -> If it’s happening like that, we’ll have to You must call the police.

It’s not wrong to like beautiful shoes.
Nie jest źle <- The situation is not bad
Aby <- In order to (To order a sandwitch, press number 2, something like that)
Jak <- But in context of alike, something is like beautiful shoes
And together this sentence makes absolutely 0 sense

But when you’re looking for a boyfriend, you must be careful. -> But when you’re looking for boyfriend, you must Be careful (but with a absolutely wrong form).

You don’t want me to see your new quarry? -> quarry translated as a stone-pit, they are talking about a girl, I’m crying…

Why, why, why… What even is that…
Shouldn’t you hit me, swear at me, get cross, -> If you don’t reach me, vow yourself at me, take “+”

You need to cut them before you know.
It’s cut the out instead of cut and the before you know is used like “before I knew, I did something wrong” not like “you don’t know something before you check”


  • He lost. - Lost? -> - He lost. - He got lost?
    They were so close…

You’ll jinx it. -> You’ll go crazy.

Look. -> To look (like)


:joy::joy::joy: Am I wrong? “World Peace.” :joy::joy::joy: This terminology in a period drama, 626 C.E., Tang Dynasty? :woman_shrugging:t5: :laughing::joy::joy: Maybe I’m wrong. :woman_shrugging:t5: Oh well!

The Long Ballad


The year is 626 C.E, and the realm, and its political center Chang’an, are shaken to its core by the Xuanwu Gate Incident, a successful palace coup to take charge of the Tang Dynasty.

A scheming prince leads the bloody coup, and kills the family of Li Chang Ge (Dilraba Dilmurat) during the raid, although she manages to escape.

Now the prince has placed himself on the Imperial throne, and rules as the Emperor Tai Zong.


The drama seems to be pre-subbed so it explains.

Don’t Lie.

Good to know some Korean. She says that she can’t arrest him due to lack of evidence.

Aah! My favourite medicine – The Anecdote.


Hmm… if pre-subbed in this instance means machine translation churned out such a translation, it really has to be “re-programmed” because “don’t lie” and “don’t die” are nowhere near in meaning and pinyin.


don’t die vs don’t lie
不要死 vs 不要说谎
bù yào sǐ vs bù yào shuō huǎng
别死 vs 别撒谎
bié sǐ vs bié sā huǎng

However, if pre-subbed means pro-subbed in advance, then… :roll_eyes::astonished:


This terminology is an idiom and it (四海升平 / 四海昇平) literally means “four oceans are peaceful” or “four oceans promoting peace” where the term “four oceans” refers to the whole world or the whole nation (i.e. the whole of China). In general, it means “worldwide peace”.

In other words, “World Peace” is technically correct, though you brought up a good point of it being “ambiguous” and thus giving rise to misinterpretation or miscomprehension, particularly in this day and age where we have to be multiculturally sensitive, let alone be era sensitive.

I guess it would have been better to translate it as “Peace in the World’’, even for aesthetics (four characters to four words), or just literally as “Four Oceans Promoting Peace”.

Source of this idiom:


Ode of Great Tang’s Homage to Heaven and Earth by Tang Poet Zhang Yue (唐·张说), also a renowned prime minister of that era.


Something they would say during that time period. :wink:
I tend to stifle when I read subtitles in the same drama, and episode, going in, and out of the time period they have filmed. :woman_shrugging:t5:


I was doing TE for, Coffee Melody, and came across this gem. :joy:


LOL When I worked on Queendom 2, I noticed that Koreans use the word “hip” a lot now :joy: its gone out of fashion in the English-speaking world for so long now… i find it so funny but I still have a hard time comin up with a suitable alternative


Would, “chic” or “stylish” work? Those two are timeless. How about, “trendy”?

Finding words to replace out of date slang is hard. :rofl:


Yeah, “trendy” seemed like the best alternative to me. I could use “cool” in certain situations too


Great! And I use “cool” in these types of situations too. It never gets old.


Meanwhile chic in Korean means aloof with positive connotations whereas in English we mean chic to mean sophisticated.

I’m always so conflicted how to sub those. Clearly they’re saying chic, but if I sub chic it’s hella confusing.


That would definitely be confusing. It’s hard to use English words that was given a slightly different meaning in the native language. As a viewer we hear the English word but the sub is something else. I always thought that was strange.


Yeah, it’s difficult when an English word has different connotations in another culture. “Sense” is another word - “She has sense!” means something completely different when a Korean says it, and even though you can clearly hear the English word “sense,” we still have to change it to a suitable alternative.



They also use swag and lately flex a lot.


I was watching eve and saw: honor the decreased instead of deceased


The “e” and the “r” are indeed awkwardly placed next to each other on the keyboard :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


They really should add more reactions than just a heart - i need a crazy laughing emoji reaction :joy::joy:


:joy::laughing::joy::rofl::rofl: LMBO
Based on the synopsis, this drama is set; In the early 11th Century.