Help - Newbie English Editor


Hi friends!

I want to begin being an English subtitle editor here on Viki, but I only speak English; is this a problem for what I want to be doing? I’ve always been a language fanatic and just want to contribute! I’ve read the pages about being a general editor and being an editor in the FAQ, but I would still appreciate some confirmation :slight_smile:

I’m also not entirely sure if this is the right place to put this, so correct me if I’m wrong! I’m very new here and just trying to get my bearings :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community!! You’ve done your research: you can definitely volunteer as an English Editor even if you do not know any other languages.
I myself am training to be an Editor so I won’t be of much help to you, but there are a lot of experienced editors here who will train you :smile:

Good luck, and I hope you have fun volunteering!


Thank you a ton!! There are such lovely people here, I’m glad to be a part of it!


Try changing this topic’s title to something like “Help-Newbie English Editor”, so other users know exactly what you want.


You’re in good company, these threads are filled with volunteers! People who love to help. They’ll be here at some point, to guide you in the right direction. So! Bookmark this link, and keep your tracking button on!

Is English your first language? If yes, I’d vouch, you’ll do well! Best of the best to ya!


You would definately not be the first monolingual editor here. :slight_smile:


Okay, you would do well to read about the matter.
First of all I added you to the English editors’ thread. It will be difficult to find work with zero experience about Viki guidelines and formatting and zero subtitles. The good thing is that you already have vikipass plus, so you can access most shows.

You will find it helpful to read my English subtitle guidelines. Some of this is for Ko-En subbers, but most of it is also useful for an editor.

And here are the relevant threads. Even when the initial post doesn’t deal specifically with editing, you will find important info in the replies below it. It will be useful to you because by reading different people’s opinions, you will get a view of what are the issues faced by people in our volunteer community and how different people have been solving them. It will surely be an advantage to know this before you start.

New English Editor

Woah, thanks a ton! Much appreciated!