Pinch me, I'm dreaming

When I logged on to Viki just a few minutes ago, there was a pop-up window announcing that Viki wanted to give me a little gift for my contributions for 2022, so could I please fill out some deets.

So I did and opted for a gift card for 50USD to be set by email.

Does anybody remember when I posted research I did a couple of years ago about the value of the time and talents contributed by Viki seggers and subbers?

Just a reminder: if you include the value of education, experience, talent, and so forth and how much subtitlers in the entertainment are paid per year, the “net worth” of Viki’s seggers and subbers is larger than the net worth of the CEO of Rakuten.

Considering that Viki is (as opposed to N-tfl-x) a volunteer-run endeavor, and considering that, when the planets are in alignment, the work that gets done is well beyond awesome, there is of course not enough money in the universe to pay seggers and subbers what they should get if they were paid professionally for the professional level of work they do.

However, as a gesture of thanks, a gift card is more than I ever thought possible.

Because I was sick with COVID at the start of 2022, I missed that opportunity to be thanked for my work. The idea that I might actually get thanked for my efforts seems slightly unreal. But I’ll take it.

Next year, Viki should offer the option of a personally signed photo by the “Asianese” celebrity of my choice. If I can find a project to work on that will give me the 200 or so subs I need to reach the next level, I’ll take Kim Myung Min.

When I first started watching K-dramas on DramaFever, wow, he was the binge-worthy actor who caught my attention.

No, wait, maybe I would want a pair of fleece pajamas and a year’s supply of popcorn and coffee.

Well, anyway, it’s . . . good to be acknowledged?


I got the email today! :mailbox_with_mail:

P.S. I am not used to getting mail from Viki on Saturdays at all.


Hooray! So it’s not a dream.

Now my question is: how do I complete the 371 subs I need to complete to keep up my status as a Quality Contributor in 2023?

Nothing has happened with After School Club (my biggest project so far) in two months. And I missed an opportunity to get involved with Cruel Temptation when that team was looking for people to do English subs.

If I have to go back to paying for a subscription to Viki, it’s not going to kill me, but I like hanging out with the cool kids!



Did you write to your contacts from that project? Maybe they know another channel in need.


Sit down too just in case you have to wait long. You are awesome and deserving, but don’t you dare to donate it bc u deserve every penny of it. Thanks for bringing laughter into my life. Take care. Have a Blessed week.

LOVE the video.

When I discovered too late that @alice_roselli had sent a message on February 11 asking for help with Cruel Temptation, I messaged her about the possible need for proofreading after the fact (fixing spelling, tweaking grammar, adding punctuation).

She messaged back saying that the new channel manager was @modestloving_147. As you can see, when I type that out, it doesn’t create any orange highlighted user name, so I don’t know if anyone actually received the message I sent to @modestloving_147 which is reproduced below:

I found a message in my inbox a week ago that was sent by alice_roselli at the start of February. It said that the she was looking for volunteers to work on segging and subbing for Cruel Temptation.

Because I have been working on English subs for After School Special, and because that is a long, slow process, I haven’t been checking my inbox on a regular basis, so by the time I read the message, all of the subs were pretty much done.

I asked alice_roselli if there were still opportunities to be involved with the English subtitles, and she said I needed to contact you since you are the new CM.

I need two or three hundred subtitles by April in order to keep my as a contributor, and nothing new has been going on with After School Club for two or three months now.

One thing that has allowed me to rack up subtitles is proofreading and correcting English grammar, spelling, and punctuation according to Viki standards. I wonder if any of that type of work needs to be done with Cruel Temptation.

When I logged on to the Viki website a few minutes ago, I noticed with some dismay that the current drama being featured is The League of Nobleman. Of course it should be Noblemen, but often teams in a hurry to get a good drama up on the website can overlook some obvious things.

If proofreading and editing for Cruel Temptation English subs is something that I can help with, I would be happy to contribute what I can.

I have done all I can think to do. After School Club is at a standstill; I have 38 days until my QC status goes in the toilet; I have not yet received my thank-you of a gift certificate. I won’t pout, though. I have better ways to spend my time.

If the @vikicommunity folks feel confident enough without my participation to duke it out with other streaming services, that’s fine.

A lot of the dramas that I first saw on Viki are now on Netflix. Lee Dong Wook and Ji Chang Wook and Namgoong Min–three of my faves–are well represented in a stunning array of dramas in addition to those I’ve seen already.

Seo In Guk in Netflix’s Café Minamdang was a disappointment.

Yoon Shi Yoon has not show up on Netflix AFAIK, but I’m waiting.

Kim Myung Min, one of my early K-drama faves on DramaFever, showed up a couple of months ago in a really good Netflix law drama with Kim Bum.

I can get my recommended daily requirement of Vitamin “K” without the frustration that the Viki segging and subbing model creates constantly.

And I can still enjoy the Viki Community and the unique spirit it represents. And I can go to bed at night without grumbling and growling like a cranky Pokémon.



Looking for English editing project:
Are you open to any project from Korea, Japan, Thailand, China, Taiwan?
How much time can you offer?

We will need to ask the busier bees here.


no longer true of me, as they push English teams into the dust of memory.

GeNie of the Lamp
Mei Daxia


Realistically an hour and a half per day. Ironically, my schedule ATM is pretty jammed with volunteer work I’m doing at my local YMCA.

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If it’s only 371 subs, I can give you a boring job for a while (changing formatting and replacing names with correct romanization). I’ll have to ask for permission from the CM, though.
I’ll write to you in private.


Lutra, I’m also very busy with life projects and currently only sub in German and have one historical ongoing project.
Should you be interested in German subbing I can ask in the KKT project group, or if you have smart phone download KKT app and I can invite you in the group, you can always leave, KKT has also a desktop version so you don’t need a smartphone.
Let me know should you decide to download it, PM if you do so I can invite you :ok_hand:

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Oh, it is not about me, it’s about @misswillowinlove locking for an English editing job.

(As for me, I still have a quiet corner I can work on for now, and sorry still not upgraded technically, so no KKT possible. My project will only end, if I got all episodes done, or the license ends, whatever comes first.)


Hi dear, I’m so sorry, but for that Project, I can’t help anymore. But, if you are looking for something to help with, I think that the CM of the variety Running Man Vietnam 2 could need some help. She is working alone, as she wrote she couldn’t find anyone for the edit, and the Project is going on really slowly: we could translate only 4 Episodes in maybe 7/8 months.
Maybe, you could help there out
Alice ^^


@irmar, gabsahabnida, seonbae. I got your message. I am so close to not being a subbing maknae anymore, and doing boring work is just fine with me.


@alice_roselli, thanks so much for letting me know about Running Man Vietnam 2. I will check that out. @irmar has told me about a “boring project” that sounds very do-able.

My limitation at the moment is that I literally have an hour and a half per day when I am not out doing volunteer work in the community or for my church OR shoveling snow or whatnot. If I can just complete the few subs I need to get to the next QC level, I will be free to work on other things.

I very much appreciate your timely and helpful response!


Am getting used to working on Tree With Deep Roots. I think the humor and the personal interactions create a human context for some pretty formal linguistic discussions. There are some nonverbal, that is visual and symbolic, elements that create a legendary, almost transcendent, quality at times.

And the choice for “Dr. Romantic” as the king is brilliant. He somehow combines immense dignity and simple warmth to create a character who is burdened with a desire to serve his people as a father and a friend.

And i really am amazed at ALL the familiar actors and actresses of all ages and types who show up, even if only for one scene!


I love, love, love this guy. Of course, if one wanted to be critical, one might say that he’s playing the two roles pretty similarly, including the talking while doing a little laugh mannerism. He does behave like a benevolent and sometimes mischievous king in “Dr. Romantic” as well! But I like it so much that I don’t mind.
How is your quest for contributions going? Nearer to the goal?

@misswillowinlove and @irmar
A bit of the “cart before the horse.” Han Suk Kyu won accolades for his 2011 portrayal of King Sejong in Tree with Deep Rooms five years before he was casted as Dr. Romantic, for which he also won the grand prize at the broadcasting studio’s annual award show.

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Yes, that’s exactly why I said he repeated some of his “kingly” demeanour in Dr. Romantic. (Brilliant nevertheless)

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Fellow seggers and subbers, the world’s oldest subbing maknae has met her goal. Thanks to all for encouragement and support and suggestions:

(Screen cap)

I can now be “boring” and do “boring” and enjoy the unfolding of Tree With Deep Roots.

However, some pinching STILL needs to be done to someone on the @vikicommunity team. I am STILL waiting for my gift card.