QC gifts for volunteers


Thank you. The new coupon worked just fine. Thank you for fixing this for us.


wait you got a notebook?? :frowning: i haven’t been getting any gifts…and I’ve been QC since 2009… T.T whyyyyyy meee


When did the gifts go out? I’ve been QC for a couple months now.


If you read the thread a little further up you will find the answers to all your questions. In short, they decide at the end of the year-beginning of next, depending on each person’s contributions.


@dudie… so this means, i am am meber since march 2017, i’ll have to wait itll 2018?
and when i dont Sub anything after finishing my Drama, i dont get anything cause i was lazy xD


You need to maintain your QC status because you can lose it…


I think it was for up to December 2016.


I have an issue with using the QC gift. I just entered the code and system is still asking for my credit card information. is this normal?
It’s my first time revising such gift, so I don’t know what should I do.


did you go over the limit or perhaps you didn’t click standard shipping (which should be include (Free))?


@ahsaaful I’m not sure but I think it’s normal because the ordering process needs to be completed and cannot be completed without paying even if you don’t have to pay. Does that even make sense?

If the balance is zero after you entered your coupon I assume your creditcard or paypal won’t be charged but it’s just a needed step to complete your order.

I suggest contacting Yesstyle/Yesasia to be sure. They have facebook


My order is 19.12$ but they add 4.99$ for Shipping, even though I click standard shipping.


I contact YesStyle now and I’m waiting for their answer.


You can choose to “pay with paypal”. That’s what I did during the payment option and if I remember correctly it didn’t ask me to log in since the final cost was 0$. :smiley:


Can’t find and choose the standard field for shipping. Everything’s defaulted to Express. : (


Instructions on the email with the code:

If you live in one of these countries then pick “Premium Standard” as a shiping method to get free shipping:
United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, The Russian Federation
If you don’t live in any of the above then pick “Standard”

If the option doesn’t exist then they either can’t ship for free to your country OR the specific item that you picked can’t be shipped for free (I THINK Yesstyle has other smaller sellers on their site - Just like Amazon does - and not everyone has the same shipping options)

In any case, you should contact Yesstyle support to be sure. :slight_smile:


Tks. :slight_smile:


I never saw viki’s mail for QC gift and I don’t sent my direction :frowning:


Why are people bumping up such an old tread of the 2016 QC gift?!

Mods maybe it’s best to lock this thread since it isn’t relevant anymore.


Please use the 2017 QC Gift threads to discuss further.

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