[Viki Community Team] June 2021 Updates


Site Updates


We’d like to inform you that the channel pages on mobile are getting a redesign, and this will include a section displaying the subtitle team.

  • This update has already been released for Android as of June 4
  • iOS is expected mid-July.

Farewell from Mariliam


We are sad to see Mariliam go, but also excited for her as she goes on to new adventures, and hope you’ll join us in wishing her the best. As always, you can continue to reach out to your Community Managers Amy, Jeslyn, and Sean.


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[Viki Community Team] July 2021 Updates

@mariliam You will be missed. Blessings to you as you walk a new path. Thanks so much, your help in the past was much appreciated.


Much happiness and pleasure to you, …

Life is about change and adaptation. May the best be before you!


How sad it is… But yes I understand too! Mariliam, thank you for being with us for so long. It was nice to talk to you, despite adversity and our different “job” on viki. I wish you a very good future, a beautiful way is offered to you! Best for you, health,family, job… :slight_smile:

Now, I wonder who will succeed you as manager?


Episode teasers are not available on mobile app. And what we sub is not reaching to viewers.
And Even after I subbed some teasers completely,on app it still shows that it is incomplete.

Luca the beginning episode teasers are not available on mobile app


Error: Translation percentage not automatically updating on episode view
Subtitle count lagging after subtitling in Trailers

You reminded me on something, had the same issue some days ago, when I tried to watch some trailers, but it didn’t work, couldn’t remember the channels but one.

The video screen is just black, nothing happens, even re-loading the page brings no difference, it doesn’t even show an error.

Using laptop, Win 10, FF 89.0.2


On mobile app everything is not there only episodes and some other stuff that’s it


I use the app sometimes on my phone to watch dramas. Not so much though. Still, there is a version you can’t go to your personal profile and many other features are missing. Have you updated your version?
I’ll check if on mine is working.
But the question is which app you refer to. I don’t even know if the app from mobile and TV are different in some way :woman_shrugging:.


So, teasers are not showing anywhere. Viki staff should clarify this.


My app on the tv doesn’t work at all it just shows a black screen.


@lazarini i just checked now even all the episode previews of the mouse drama are also not available on mobile app


Some previews are shown on older version of app
Luca the beginning

This is from new Version

Episodes 8-12 previews are missing.


Hi, there! Is this problem still ongoing?


Yes, it is.


I didn’t noticed. It’s disappointing that those previews aren’t available. Hopefully, viki make them available.


@padmalayag Have you gotten any response from any member of the VIki Comm Team you’ve tagged over a month ago? I hope so because I’ve not seen any response on this thread. Alternatively, try to send one/all of them a PM, either singularly or as a group. :crossed_fingers:


I didn’t !

Thanks JC I will try sending a pm

But I think filing a ticket is a better option.What do you think?


Yes. That’s a good option. Please do, if you haven’t.