[Viki Community Team] July 2021 Updates


Site Updates


Project Finder Update - Based on your feedback, we’ll be bringing even more improvements to Project Finder. The expected release date for this is in September. Thanks again for sharing your feedback!

Team Settings Update - A new feature will be introduced that gives Channel Managers and Moderators the ability to set whether the segmenting team or language teams are full or still open to Project Finder applications. Teams that are full will be hidden from Project Finder. Expected release date is in September, and will be a week before the Project Finder update to allow time to hide teams that are already full beforehand.

More details to be shared soon!



Wow great news!!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hiding full teams is great indeed. Managers and moderators won’t have to reply to countless messages from newbies who got their hopes up because a teaser or Behind-The-Scenes of a long-completed drama hadn’t been subbed at the time. And the poor newbies won’t have their hopes crushed by the negative reply.
Crossing our fingers about the rest. Calling them “more improvements” is a stretch, after the train wreck that the previous “improvements” were. But hope never dies, so let’s get ready to welcome the new Project Finder with a -moderately- hopeful mindset.


Great!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Can’t wait to check out the new and improved Project Finder!!

Thank you, Viki Team! :heart:


Maybe the Project Finder will finally work? ^^


Well I wonder if all series will be displayed then or still just only a few. Furthermore, searching for Moderators would be helpful as well, but I think it’s a rather obvious matter in the first place.


Yes it is and it helps rare language subbers to reach out to moderators in the first place to know what is what.


Sharing is caring, this would mean we have road hogs in the lane, meant for moving vehicles.
If that was an issue before the current issues with the project finder, it needs to be resolved.


Yaayyy I suggested that similar idea and I thought it wouldn’t happen~
Thank you Viki!


Wow, this topic is 3 months old it never came up when I visited the help center before until today.

How long has it been that we were asking for something like this and how typical it is we kind of didn’t get the news, or is my memory that bad?


We didn’t get any news… I guess complaining on the Help Center is more efficient. I haven’t seen any Viki team people around here for quite some time but it looks like Support Specialists Charisse, Michelle and Lyn are pretty active on the Help Center… people have been getting replies in the span of 20 minutes to a day.

The Continue Watching thing was solved yesterday.


Is this the last update?
Did Viki decide to no longer involve in discussions?
I don’t know, so if you could let us know, that would be nice.
There is no August or September update, at least I did not see any?

Anyway, next is a different topic:

Whenever I click on a link for the Help Center, I can read, but the page tells me to sign in.

After doing so, I get this:

I need to go to Viki main page and enter Help Center from there, then I am actually signed in, but have to look for the linked page manually. Anyone else?