[Viki Community Team] Inbox updates

Dear Community,

It’s been a whirlwind for everyone and the world at large, and we hope you are holding up well in these precarious times. At Viki, it is our privilege to continue bringing the community forward with site and tools improvements.

Since the launch of the new inbox, the Community team has reviewed all of the feedback, sentiments, and issues you shared.


Our dedicated engineers have worked tirelessly to resolve most issues that made the inbox seem buggy — if you have reached out to us separately about it, you should have received a response by now. (If you haven’t gotten a reply, please write a response on the same ticket and we will get to you very soon.)

Feedback and further improvements

The team reviewed and evaluated each piece of feedback objectively and with care. While we are unable to address each of them immediately, we did manage to roll out some quick fixes that could reduce some of your pain points, as well as commit ourselves to deliver other changes — based on your feedback — within the next few weeks.

Read on to find out more.

  • What changed since the launch of the new inbox?

1. Reinstatement of the envelope icon on user profile page

We heard you! We understood that this is a small but critical feature that could save you a lot of time, so we brought back the envelope icon so you can directly send a message to another volunteer from their profile page.

2. Clearer distinction between “Read” and “Unread” (Bold vs unbold)

While threads with unread messages were indicated with a tiny blue dot on the right, we found out that having bold texts for both unread and read threads was confusing for you. And so we fixed that! Now only threads with unread messages will be in bold (we kept the tiny blue dot), while threads that have no new messages will be unbolded.

3. New shortcut to send a private message to someone from the group chat

Try typing “/who” in any of your group chats, then click Enter. Now hover over the username of any participants.

At any time you need to take a discussion from group to private, this is how you can do so moving forward!

4. Link to user profile from icon

Missing from before, you can now click on the profile icon of any user within a message thread and be brought to their Viki profile page. We recognized how important it is for you since some of you receive a ton of messages daily but might not remember everyone.

5. Colors of inbox in dark mode

Previously, when in dark mode, the color of the text box of sent messages was in a striking shade of purple, which caused discomfort for some of you. To ease this, we changed it to a darker shade of purple to reduce color contrast.

6. Easier-to-read texts

Some of you mentioned that you were having a difficult time reading your messages because the texts were too compact and condensed. Reading messages in the Viki inbox shouldn’t be straining, and hence we increased the space between each line of text to make messages easily readable.

  • What is in the works?

As mentioned before, we are unable to work on all of your feedback immediately, but we have committed ourselves to deliver improvements in stages - some of them within the next few weeks:

1. Addressing the “Enter to send” function

Many community members have mentioned that they are not used to this action, while others have found their way around it. We will be expanding on this function so that both camps can continue to send messages in their own preferred ways.

2. Adding multiple recipients to group chats via comma

You liked this so we are bringing it back in the best form we can.

3. Locating your sent messages

It is not an outbox, or a “Sent messages” folder, but we will be assisting you to locate what you have sent to other community members.

4. Ability to disable replies in group chats

We understand that group chats are most useful when a Channel Manager or Moderator is relaying an instruction to the rest of the team members, and having replies really just makes the important instructional message so easily missed!

To fix that, we will be introducing a feature to disable replies for such message threads, keep what is important only.

5. More options for message display

There is no one size fits all so we will be giving you the option to view messages in the font size you prefer.

6. Better email notifications

Current issues with email notifications for inbox aside, if you are one to enable email notifications for new messages in your inbox, you can expect to see the subject line of your inbox message included in the email notifications. We do not have this at the moment, but we know how confusing it can be to receive an email with no context. So stay tuned!

If you do not see your feedback mentioned anywhere, it is not that they are not considered; we are phasing our improvements to inbox so that our team can continue to work on other aspects of the Community to enhance your experience as a whole.

We strongly encourage you to keep using the inbox so you can get used to it, and more importantly, let us know what is wrong and/or what you want to see. Keep talking to us!

Finally, we hope Viki has been a source of distraction for you during this time. Please continue to be kind to one another and stay safe.

Take care,
Viki Community Team


Amazed on all improvements made. Thank you to all those involved and STAY SAFE and HEALTHY.


I agree, excellent job thus far! Thank you. :blush:

And particular thanks to the Viki’s Community team for the transparent way of communicating with us.

Also, I think you’ve realized by now that as a community we prefer to voice our concerns over a certain issue here in the Discussions, rather than sending a personal ticket into the Viki’s system. Major advantage of this is that an idea one person has can be developed and expanded by others. So, often a consensus is made inadvertently. And this makes it much easier to sift out what is more important for the community regarding a certain issue.

Thank you once again!


i still don´t like to see, when people left a chat / conversation and doesn´t reply to me…


Thank you for your hard work so far in response to the problems pointed out. :slight_smile:
I just wish to point out one thing here:

This is important to keep the message without receiving the countless replies but please let it be obvious that people have left the group chat so that nobody relies on that same chat to relay important information later on if that piece of information is valuable to the person who left.
I understand that some people find that showing people who have left can be a little upsetting to the sender but I still find it better than sending messages into the void while the person on the other end is not there.

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I still have the no-scrolling bug. I can only see a handful of the latest messages (or then, the very very old, when I first came to Viki). The scrolling bar doesn’t go past the present window.

I am making a ticket, since this is clearly a bug, not a feature (at least I hope!).

Another thing is that the moment you add a recipient, the window jumps down and the Subject field is not visible anymore. You have to scroll up with the right hand bar to find it again and write a subject. Not a terrible thing, but I think it can be easily fixed.


i have the same issue


Not sure if it’s just me. But I was typing a message and then wanted to take a look at older messages before sending mine. After I scrolled down again, my already typed message was gone and I had to restart.

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Another one that’s driving me crazy is having to refresh the page all the time to see new messages; makes no sense to me, and I hope they can fix that too bc is very annoying.

NO RUSH…I can wait bc I understand the difficulties we are all facing. Just wanted to mention it here. Thanks Rakuten Viki staff!

Be safe, stay healthy and strong! We can do this…:slight_smile:


Thank you for your help. Have a great day and take great care of yourself and love ones.

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I woke up today to a very nice surprise.
Actually I was told about it by a fellow team member. Thank you Emily, you’ve made my day!
The Settings (little wheel on the left upper corner) have been enriched by two new additions:

  1. you can enable large fonts (won’t be using this, because I already see too few messages at a time)
    and Ta daaaa!
  2. You can disable “Enter to send message”!!!
    YES! I’m happy, and even more happy because it shows some desire on the part of Viki to listen to our problems with the new inbox.
    Now if I could only access messages before the last 15, it would be really nice.



For inbox, once it’s read, should be auto. Cut down the additional step of having to mark it as “read”. Time consuming and not user friendly. Tx.

Unfortunately, I saw today that these settings have to be re-entered every time you login.
I had cleaned history and cookies in my browser and had to login on Viki again today, and I saw that 1) I had again the screen saying Welcome to the new inbox, it does this and that, and let’s try it. 2) All the settings were on default again (Enter to send etc.), so I had to re-do them.
Why can’t it remember the settings of each user?

It is automatic for me. Strange!

Is there any way we can add new team members to an existing group message? I have a group to send out reminders to my team & I am always getting new team members and I have to always make a new chat to include the new person. Is there any way to keep the current group and add someone new? If not, please come up with something. It would make life easier.

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I think it is mentioned here

No, there’s nothing about that. And it cannot be done. Adding new people to an existing conversation. I had this issue as well and I hoped it would be possible, but … no.

@irmar You are right, I thought I saw something about adding a person, but since I was tired. I think I wanted to read that it was about an existing chat. To bad, it would have been nice if earlier conversation had been visible for a new team member.

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Hi there @irmar,

I believe that might have happened after you cleared your cache and cookies. Can you confirm if it has happened again after login out without clearing cache and cookies? I am unable to replicate this settings issue on my end!


Yes, I do have to clean cache and cookies once in a while and I do.
But shouldn’t each user’s settings be stored in his or her account, rather than on the PC? Moreover, most of us often change devices.
It was the same issue with preferring night or day mode and other preferences. And, in older times, things such as autoplay videos etc.

From what you say, I understand that it should be an item on my list of desired changes, not only for the inbox, but sitewise.
The only really serious bug, though, is the one of being able to see only the 15 last messages because it can’t scroll through the windows.
I find myself writing countless apology messages to people saying that “sorry but I have to delete our conversation because I desperately need to find a message below”. And often they were conversations I wanted to keep!

I know they told me to make a video to show the problem, and I’m still searching for a way to do that. There’s a tutorial on how to record your desktop with VLC but when I tried VLC crashed and some other programs that were open froze too. I’ll try again.

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