[Viki Community Team] July 2020 Updates



New Channel Page - Continued Rollout

New Channel Page Preview

As a reminder, the new channel page is gradually being released to all users. This started early July with initial availability to 5% of users worldwide. Within the next 1-2 weeks, it will be available to 20% of users.

  • Continue to share your thoughts with us via the “Give feedback” link, available in the right-hand corner of each channel’s main banner!
  • For the users who get the new channel page and want to apply to be a channel manager for a show, the application form is currently a Google form. This is temporary. For all other users who see the older channel page, the application form will remain the same.

Movies Page

Discover more hit films! The movies page has been added to the navigation bar on web, under the "Explore" dropdown menu.



so we, the team members, now take our place in unnecessary things for your channel pages. we’re off the cover page of the site. and now the channel pages for our projects…so…

in case the rest of you didn’t see this, look at the TABS on the lower part of that pages. the TEAM is now off on that.

Doesn’t look like the cover page people are left anything either…so…right. :frowning:


I can stil see the tab, it is the tab subtitle team, not just a tab named team.
Or are you talking about something else?


I think that, since it’s still a work in progress, different people see different things.


I thought that @deadliftdiva_548 was referring to the fact that the teams are now “hidden” behind another click, instead of being shown more prominently. But I could be wrong …