[Viki Community Team] August 2020 Updates


:sparkles: Site Updates

The New Channel Page

As a reminder, the new channel page is gradually being released to all users. For users with the new page design:


• The Channel Manager application has been updated!


• Recently, there was an issue where the channel team tab was not displaying usernames, but names instead. Oops, sorry about that! This has been fixed.


• Coming Soon: A quick-access subber tool link for volunteers is in the works. Hovering over an episode will display a pencil and scissors icon for easier access to the subtitle editor or segment timer. Expected release is August 31st.

You can continue to share your thoughts on the new channel page with us via the “Give feedback” link, available in the right-hand corner of each channel’s main banner!

:tada: More Watch Parties!


Viki-hosted Watch Parties are coming to these countries this week: Brazil, Mexico, India, France, Colombia, Italy, Peru, Germany, Chile, UK, Argentina, Poland, Spain, Australia (along with USA and Canada, already available). Livestream I-LAND and chat with friends on Aug. 29 at 7PM PDT!
*Viewable via desktop/laptop only.

:gift: QC Gifts Update - We’re going digital!

For all qualifying 2019 QCs, all gifts have been officially sent out! If you qualified for the 2019 QC Gift, you should have received an email or PM with your gift info on Aug 21st.

All 2019 QCs received a digital gift card, with the exception of users in 10 countries (Bosnia & Herz, Columbia, Iraq, Cote D’ivoire, Latvia, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Panama, Ukraine, and Venezuela) who will be receiving a physical gift instead due to restrictions.

Why the change to digital? The community has continued to grow every year, so we wanted to find a better way to reward everyone! Shipping to different countries (almost 100!) has become increasingly difficult for our small team, with even more concerns about proper delivery. This became even more important to us this year because of COVID-19 and to ensure everyone receives their gift safely, and to avoid worldwide delivery issues. Digital gifts mean that instead of the costs going towards shipping, it goes towards the gift itself, and directly back to you. Moving forward, it only makes sense for us to shift to digital rewards as the community continues to grow!

If you didn’t qualify for the 2019 QC gift, don’t worry, you can still qualify for the 2020 gift! With the change to (mostly) digital gifts, we look forward to a much smoother gift sending process in 2021 and beyond.

You can read more detailed info on 2019 QC Gifts in the FAQ article here.

If you have questions about the 2019 QC Gift, you can contact us about it here.

:love_letter: Inbox Update

  • Additional inbox notifications improvements - Based on the feedback you shared, we understood that email notifications for new messages have been irregular. As a part of the continued inbox improvements, this has been fixed. You will now receive an email notification for each new message in your Viki inbox, if you have email notifications enabled.


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[Viki Community Team] November Updates

Please, take also a look here for the new design feedback:

The feedback about the new design: my friend told me she couldn’t send attachments to explain her thoughts.

Some are lost and ask questions on the forum about the new design, so a guide would be helpful.
What about creating animations or pop-up windows to explain how the new design works to viewers?


I have a question, where can I add a member to my team?
I do not find it in this version of the site, as well as there was a feature to send a message to any team from the same channel by specifying the language and translators for that without the need to add each member separately.


It’s almost the same, see the main page of the channel in the picture left from “Give Feedback” there is “Manage Channel” and after clicking on that it’s identical to the past.


This is a really good idea. I’m looking forward to it.


Ah, Thank you so much, dear :heart:
I didn’t notice that :sweat_smile:


Okay, it’s been a month …
Not that much for me, but I found a problem for me is that, you bring out the new page design with a button to give feedback right away, but maybe it took longer for me now that I have come to a conclusion on what feedback to give - the button is gone. So I am placing it here.
Far too often I have the problem when Viki improves the page it seems you need to do so much more steps to take for simple access.

So I am starting from the top of the channel pages:

  1. Bring back the envelope for direct access to the inbox, the rest of the drop down menu is okay.
  2. Search function doesn’t work as flawless as before as sometimes, some drama even typing almost the complete title do not show, in the current suggestion drop down function.
  3. Missing information on the main channel page. Assumed the drama fan’s first step to a drama is the channel page, then I find it strange that for one, you don’t get the information of how long the drama is - episode numbers would be much appreciated. (Extensions of dramas can happen I know, but are rare and didn’t happen in the past months if I am not mistaken.)
    In addition, I think if you would not add another tab for the episodes but would place them on the very first tab, then people could get there without that in my eyes needless extra tab for episodes. As for starting or re-accessing the episodes you already have other options as that new access on the top left or, continue watching, and so on …
  4. I appreciate the possibility to add channels now directly into a collection of my choice, however this choice leaves much to desire once there is a channel but no way to put it in a collection or follow it directly. To follow you need to take a detour around explore and that is taking up time.
  5. Team tab - well …
    It looks pretty full and has the art work of fans that used to have the main focus. I can understand people getting upset about it, so my thought was why not use the art work and put it on top of a tab and combine it with the comments. So those people will get to see the art work and can talk about the drama, or rant or whatever.
    The team however I think I will get some bad comments for that I would place the team and the reviews under one tab. For one reviews would finally be taken away from people to mistake them for another way to communicate, and maybe reviews would be taken more seriously, and a serious review writer could be called a contributor to Viki too, since they take time write about the dramas. Even a badge could be considered.

So all in all I would go for 3 tabs on the main page and no more.

My understanding that the fan art work is no longer on the first view - might come for a more business like look and maybe is also influenced by the license holders.

So this is my final view on the updated channel page.
I don’t think it will happen that way but you wanted feed back, so I am giving it to you. If the feedback button was still available I would have used it, but well, this way should work too, right? Please forward it, thank you.


Suddenly when channel pages are loading synopsis appears one time in French, one time in German, sometimes in English …

Without me changing the page language at all. Is the language of the synopsis connected with the page references or the subtitles? Or is it just not stable at the moment?
Would be nice to get some information.
Thanks and stay safe.


I used to think that this is normal but looking at this picture I realized that the usernames on channel pages that are visible to me overwrite each other. Can something be done about this?
It appears messy to me.


Hurray, now finally after the year of the broadcast, the appropriate age of the viewer (FSK in Germany I forgot what it is named in the US), now we see in one go how many episodes there are without a further click. Yes! Sometimes little things like this make me happy.
It wouldn’t be me, if I wouldn’t add something to it, how about the country of origin? It might be easy for me to differentiate between a K-drama and a C-drama, but not quite that easy between a C-drama and a Taiwan-drama.
Thanks anyway!