Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Lots of projects needing help with Korean-English translation.
You could write to some English moderators or Chief Editors, such as cgwm808, marykarmelina etc. who will have projects to put you in.
Alternatively, look at the Coming Soon section. It’s there where they are recruiting, and they will welcome you with open arms.


Hi! I can subtitle from English to Dutch and Dutch to English


Ako zelis mogu da te dodam da prevodis dramu Once again, ukoliko ti se dopada taj zanr.


Hello, I would like to help! I can subtitle from english to portuguese.

If you have a project, please let me know !


Hi! I’m interesting in subbing Japanese/English, English/Japanese, or QC’ing any subs in English. Let me know if you have projects!


And some people from previous months:

There was someone looking for Chinese to English subbers here: C-Drama Ancient Detective-I'm looking for the editor and subbers for English team

C-Drama Ancient Detective-I'm looking for the editor and subbers for English team

hi, I can sub from Chinese to Spanish, English to Spanish


Hello, i can sub from english to polish. Please recommend me some projects.


Sim, eu gostaria de poder legendar para o português!
Yes, I’d like to subtitle for portuguese language.



I can subtitle from chinese to english if anyone needs a volunteer



I’ am brazilian, I would like to know if you have any team for english subtitles projects for portuguese. Please get in touch!!!


Hello, I am really interested in translating English to Portuguese. If you can add me to the team, I will be very grateful!

Thank you very much and I hope I can help


I’ve never subbed b4 but I wanna try so hmu for Korean to English.:blush:


Dear Beatriz and Rebeca,
the teams for languages other than English are created by the moderator of that language. This person chooses the subtitlers (also called subbers here) who will translate. The teams are formed long before a drama or film starts.
Some moderators look here at Discussions, and they may write to you.
But the safest way to go about it is to actively search for Portuguese moderators and send them a p.m. (personal message) asking if they can use you in any of their teams.
How to find the names of Portuguese moderators? That’s the easy part. You go on the main page of dramas and look at that loooong vertical picture with all info about the drama and the characters. If you scroll down, towards the end there is a table with all the names of language moderators.
If the page is done well, the name is also a link that you can click, and it will take you to the moderator’s profile page. Under her name and avatar picture you will see a little envelope. This is where you click to send a message.

If the name is not a link, just select it and copy it on the Clipboard. Then go to your profile page, look at the URL, and substitute your username with the moderator’s username.
Example: Suppose your username is eleonora and the moderator’s username is maria.
Your URL is like this:
You make it like this:

Be sure to include info about you, such as your knowledge and experience, how much free time you have and when, and whether you have Vikipass or not (it is important for new, on-air dramas, because they are most of the time behind Vikipass).
Of course you should write in Portuguese, so that she can also assess how well you write in your language. Be sure to spellcheck before hitting “Send”!
All the best



I’m looking for Korean projects to caption on Korean. Would you please let me know if your project needs Korean captions?

Thank you!!


All the new dramas, essentially. You can just go to the Coming Soon dramas and ask the CM or English mod.


Where can I find Coming Soon dramas?



I am really interested in translating from English to Chinese or vice versa. I can do both traditional or simplified Chinese.

Please let me know if you have any projects :slight_smile: