Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hello I would love sub from English to Portuguese and Spanish, hope have a project that I can help ^^

Viki's standards being low af

Hello! I’m an English to Portuguese subtitler and i have interest in working on any new projects. I’ve subtitlted some projects out of Viki, although I haven’t worked on anything in Viki yet.

Here’s my profile link:


Hi! I can subtitle from english to portuguese. I’d love to help :slightly_smiling_face:


hello, I’m starting and I’m looking for an opportunity, I can translate from English to Portuguese!!



My channels need volunteers.

  • QC Moderators: Malay, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Arabic, Abkhazian, Polish, Russian, etc.
  • Subbers/Translators: Malay, Vietnamese, Thai, Portuguese, Greek, Arabic, Indonesian, Serbian, Japanese, Romanian, Russian, Lithuanian, Polish, German, Chinese, Hungarian, etc.
  • General editor: Spanish (Taiwanese drama)
  • Page designers: English

Visit my profile for further information. You may click on each drama posters to visit channels. Check them out!

Hope to see you around the community! :slight_smile:


Then you’re in the wrong thread, my dear. It belongs to Project Board.


Hi, I would like to help write subtitles from english to czech. Please, feel free to contact me. :wink:


ok though I don’t know Korean, Chinese etc. I do know English grammar rules and word usage.
There are times when an incorrect word is being used or even someone puts the wrong name, gender, verb etc.
I would love to help with this type of situation. So if you ever need someone to make sure that the correct English word is being used let me know.


I’d love to help with subs from English to Portuguese (br).
Feel free to contact me anytime! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, I’m trying to make my first caption, but I don’t get answers from anyone who wants a volunteer, I would appreciate any help, thanks


Hi! I’d like to help with subtitles! I can translate from eng to ita :slight_smile:
I’m also learning other languages :wink:
Tell me if you need help with italian subtitles :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


First of all you should write which language do you want to translate into.
Then, go to the main pages of different recent dramas and find the names of moderators of your language. The team members can all be seen if you click on the team name.
Then write a message to each of them, telling them that you’re willing to translate if they have a project that needs help.
Try to write a well-written message, because this shows your fluency in the language and your care in expressing yourself, with correct punctuation etc.


I would like to work on editing English subtitles. I am aware of others who would also like to participate in this type of editing. They are waiting to see how it goes for me first. I also would like to try subtitle editing from Korean to English.


Dear Valerie, given the fact that you haven’t done any subtitles yet, I think you should try subbing first. Nobody would give an editor job to a complete newcomer who hasn’t proved herself in some way.
Write to some English moderators (their names are on cover pages of dramas) and ask them if they need help for any project. Korean-English subbers are in great demand. Then, when they will be able to assess your skills, you can start asking to become Translation Editor or English editor.
I also see you don’t have Vikipass, so you should tell them so, and they can add you in some old project where Vikipass is not required.
This means that you cannot, for now, work in new dramas, because they are all behind Vikipass. When you will have done 3000 subs, Viki will grant you the Qualified Contributor status, and then you’ll be able to access most dramas - if licensed in your region.

All the best!


Hi, I would like to start subtitling on viki, Please let me join. Thank you :pray:


You can subtitle to which language, my dear?


There are plenty of new dramas that do not need VIKIpass when it is about Cdrama. I’m not sure but I think there was the possibility of a free trial month of VIKIpass so in that case if every Kdrama is locked behind VIKIpass someone could use the free trial month to work on it (unless it depends only on VIKIpass and not also on full QC - I had some older Chinese shows that I wanted to use as training possibility for beginners but only full QC could work on it…)


I am quite new to subbing, but I would like to work on some projects where I can translate from English to German. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a drama/movie from China, Korea, Japan or Taiwan. So please contact me if you need a new Team member :slight_smile:


I have Viki Pass Plus. Is this not enough? I am a published author and I have a history of working in filmmaking in Hollywood. I studied editing films and videos in college also. These do not help?


Please excuse my inexperience on this forum . I have had Viki Pass Plus for a little while now. I do not understand why you said I did not possess this. Did my profile not show it? It shows it for me. Please advise how you believed I did not have it.