Want to subtitle? Let people know!


The list of October volunteers:
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Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Your every month’s new volunteers list is really valuable.


Oh! now I am alittle nervous. Afterall, its my first :hugs::slightly_smiling_face:


It will be okay. :slight_smile:
We all were beginners at some point … :wink:


Hola estoy buscando un drama para subtitular, puedo subtitular de inglés a francés y de inglés a español. Gracias, espero poder subtitular un drama, ¡que tengas un buen día!


Salut je cherche un drame à sous-titrer, je peux sous-titrer de l’anglais vers le français et de l’anglais vers l’espagnol. Merci, j’espère pouvoir sous-titrer un drame, passez une bonne journée!


This helped me so much thank you👌


Thank you! :heart_eyes:


For portuguese. This show is not available for our region. Not for Brazil at least, I don’t know about Portugal.


Hello Ana!
That comment is actually 7 years old now, if you ever find any project that asks for subbers or moderators and is years old, then there are really really high chances that the project is either finished or is no more licensed.
You can use this page or this one to get in a team of your choice and start subbing. You can contact the Portuguese moderator and they’ll then guide you :hugs:


Hello, everyone
I would like to subtitle from English to Romanian.
My profile:
Before you click it be advised that there is nothing to see, because I have not translated on Viki before.
Romanian is my mother tongue and I can speak English fluently, so I think I can manage the task of subtitling.


Legendar de inglês para português

Olá, gostaria de me voluntariar para traduzir ou revisar do inglês para português e vice versa. Agradeço desde já!


Hi! I can sub from English to Spanish and Spanish to English as well, would love to collaborate in some projects!


Sou novata e gostaria de entrar em alguma equipe. Posso traduzir do inglês para português e vice versa. Gostaria de poder traduzir ou revisar!


It’s best to offer your services on this thread:


Thank you very much, I’m a new volunteer and I’m confused


If you are still interested in Subbing from ENglish to Persian, please contact me. I am working on putting on a team to do it faster.


Hahaha. Where have you been all these years. I too am a teacher, I speak 5 languages and sometimes I cringe at the subs… Anyone translating into English makes errors occasionally :slight_smile: You probably should look at specific projects (probably newer ones) so that the English doesnt mess with all the other language translators.

Happy subbing!


Hello, I am looking for projects to translate from English to Italian :blush: