Why are people leaving reviews on dramas NOT WATCHED!

Why are there all these reviews on dramas that they have not even watched yet? “Looks like a good drama” “Oh, he is my favorite actor”, etc.? These belong in the comments section. When I look at the review section, I want to know if the drama was liked, not what they THINK it will be like. Totally makes the Review section worthless. My biggest tick-off is when they rate the drama low,. but the comment is just requesting Spanish subs! Not fair to other viewers.


The reviewer may have already watched the show on TV or other media. As for new shows, I think 2-3 episodes are enough to form an opinion for the rest of them. I had some unlucky final episodes or changes of cast, but my initial impression of a show is usually accurate.

I agree people shouldn’t give low ratings as complaint for subs. That’s not fair for the show.


People do that because they don’t know the difference between comments and review, and because they are major complainers.

Reviews should be placed on the side of the comments, or a note should explain that reviews should only be used for a constructive synopsis (longer than a measly one sentence saying “Oppa is so great!”

Actually, I don’t need to see the reviews at all, they are completely useless. I like the total score, but that’s about as helpful as the review system gets. Right now it’s way too hard to get to the project wall.


From personal experience, Viki only cares for three types of comments:

-Suuuubs plzzzzzz

  • Team fighting! (Ok, I agree with that)
  • Oppa is sooooo hot!!

As long as you add those, comment or review, you are fine.

Lately, “this girl is soooo ugly!” is on the rise, too.

Everything else is frowned upon. They couldn’t care less if they are written in the comments for the series, for a specific episode or as a review.


I actually skip those and look for longer comments. Hard to find but i enjoy when i read them. Usually i try to find an opinion or theory but like you said there are other comments that do not really contribute any interesting thing (except the support of course). But then again people are free to comment what they want so we just gotta live with it :smiley:


Actually reviews usually ruin everything. For me it is just like with books. As it depends on taste sth that gets very low ratings might be my personal favorite or vice versa. So usually i do not want to read sth or watch sth because of bad ratings when it could be very good. So i just go with my own sense and try out :smiley:


So true! people should not be able to make a Review if the drama is not in their region and can’t watch it. 80% of bad reviews is because they cannot see the drama…SMH seriously… why they make bad to the channel lowering their score by just complaining. It will be good if viki wouldn’t allow to make a review unless you can see the drama, and after episode 2


This is kind of funny. In order to find legitimate reviews, I have to filter to see the lowest ratings first. After passing the complaints on subs, you’ll get to the 6-8 range with real reviews. There’s just wayyyy too many 10-star ratings about fan girls fav oppa.

Lol. Goes to show how messed up the rating system is. Actually, it’s not even the rating system. It’s just the amount of people on Viki who seem to lack common sense. I still don’t get how these people have joined Viki without understanding the inherent nature of the volunteer sub community and licensing issues in their region.


yes THIS! i especially hate when people give the drama like 1/10 rating and their comment is something like “make this available in portguese.” i mean seriously?? ugh.


Is there a way to highlight or nominate the insightful posts we get on the comments section?
Perhaps it’ll miff the shitty reviews.


I wouldn’t care about reviews if the Viki explore pages weren’t based on popularity instead of more practical search methods (alphabetically, newest etc).


We have to shake our laziness and report every single user who writes a fake review.
I understand that some of us may have watched a show elsewhere, but in many reviews it is clearly said that the writer hasn’t seen the show yet. Not even one episode. When they say “I expect it to be good because the leading actors are good” and things like that.
Or when they leave a review when the drama hasn’t even started airing.
It’s the same thing in Amazon, when a book or game hasn’t been released. I remember just before the release of The Sims 4. So many people had made five star-“reviews” about a game they had never played! This makes the ratings pointless.
This thing at least is easy to control. Viki could disable reviews until the drama starts airing, and actually, until the first five episodes are out. If it was me, I would disable them until ALL the episodes come out, because it happens so many times, especially in k-drama, that a perfectly good drama goes down the hill in the last episodes. Remember “House of Bluebird”, where writers were changed mid-way? That was an extreme case, but I could quote so many instances where an ending is hurried and botched, everything being hastily resolved within the last 15 minutes of the last episode!

Unfortunately you cannot comment on a review, just like, dislike or report. Well, let’s dislike or report all fake ones. Let’s not be lazy and do it.
Unfortunately, reasons for reporting is only “advertisement”, “Unappropriate content”, “spoilers without warning”.
*Let’s write to viki and ask them to add something like “fake review” to the reasons for reporting and to disable them until the show has been totally aired. *

I have written a number of real reviews (I am a retired film/music/dance critic, been doing this for 20 years or so), and interestingly, there hasn’t been a single like or dislike. I think that is because they were long for internet standards, and people are to impatient to read a long text.

The comments are a mess too.
So many people comment to say “there are no subtitles yet, please make them quickly”. These comments will stay “forever”, and be seen when the subtitles are 100% ready. So it’s just junk that makes harder to scroll for more useful comments.
Also, they comment on things that happened in a specific episode, very often including major spoilers (“why did he have to kill him?”, “I would never have imagined that she was his biological mother!”), on the drama’s main page, instead of in the episode’s page. I always make it a point to reply asking them to remove them and re-write them, if they wish, on the proper page.


When the review section was new I decided to flag/report all the “I want subs”, “not available in my region!” or bad reviews similar or rude as well but now there are just to many… I once was even thinking of reporting all reviews of a Kdrama that didn’t air yet because for the simple fact they are not reviews but that would be a bit too mean…

I think it’s best for Viki to just remove the whole thing or monitor those reviews better and remove the non reviews.


I always report the ones saying the subs are slow or that there are no subs but it seems to me that nobody checks these, they just stay flagged and are still there.
Also by how much time it takes for the Help Center to answer there are probably no people to check these either?


I made a request to Viki help. To lock the reviews until the show has aired. And to add an item in the reporting drop down menu.
Maybe, just maybe, if many of us keep asking, they will listen?


idk about reviews it is discouraging so in comments section I downvote them and/or educate (reads as brainwash) the masses.


KorkyKDiver says they listen we have to make A LOT OF NOISE! like how chatter doesn’t work and one poor Korean-French-English subber can’t login for 3 days straight. Need to report!!!

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I also keep downvoting and flagging these reviews as “inappropriate content” which it is when they talk about slow subbing.
But is it only me, after I flag one review I can’t clock on anything else on the page so I need to reload the whole freaking page to flag another review? So annoying…

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I completely agree! It always bothered me when I saw people rating shows that have not even been on air yet and rate simply because of the actors/actresses or give low ratings because the subtitles are not at 100% yet. This destroys the purpose of rating the show. I really think Viki should only let people that have seen the show submit a rating to improve accuracy.


How do I rate a drama? I assure you I have watched the drama and am familiar with it. I am a semi intelligent person after all. :slight_smile: