Your laugh for the day




The old men and the sea.

oh dear heres another weird one!






yep, 5’ nothing, me



OMG! He was wayyy too skinny! :anguished:


MY laugh for the day, and allergies goes right along with this


aahhhhhhhh so much better



need to plant my plants!! oh well the rosemary smells delicious!


yeah watch it! those 5’ nothing ladies can “turn on a dime” hehehehehehe




I sure hope I am not offending anyone with this, I literally had to SAY WHAT? on this one, so maybe you can laugh about this one, bout as bad as those guys with balloons, or those crocheted clothes.





the Beetles


These are hilarious!
The Hokey Pokey Clinic got me Rotflol :rofl::rofl::joy::rofl:
Mattresses :roll_eyes::smile::laughing::joy::rofl: always on sale! :rofl:

The Beetles photo op. exactly replicated! :laughing::joy: Nice!


Here’s a laugh for the day!
I still laugh at this! :laughing::joy::rofl::sob::rofl::joy:




here kitty here kitty!



I found 5 differences. Should I contact Mensa? :sunglasses:


hehehehehe, no don’t think so!!



no words to say


ok y’all sharing my secret!

would love to get that shirt! but the pride would step in