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It’s open and ready for business.


This would go well in your intro :bulb:🪄 :tophat: ijs


It’s a great segue. And it’s such a clear expression of . . . romantic “guy-ness.” Male energy focused in service of large ideals is amazing. Male energy focused on things of the moment is heartbreaking. Ditto female energy.

K-dramas are so fascinating to me because of how they explore relational energy, the matches and mis-matches, the successes and failures at harmonizing that energy.


Primarily, yes!


AOL’s Demon Princess’s wedding dress
image image image image image image
just so swooshy and elegantttt :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: even the simple mortal outfits image
image image
I may have ugly-cried through the whole drama but I was in fashion heaven :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ll stop now :sweat_smile:


So did this just segue from @misswillowinlove’s Badge topic to @leerla73’s segue topic to a Segue Cafe topic :rofl::crazy_face::thinking: I wonder what would happen if someone linked back to a post in the badge topic, would a mini black hole form and we all disappear into the void of Discussions!

Your laugh for the day

I also :star_struck::heart::star_struck: this drama. The contrast of us watching the same show. :laughing::joy: While you :sob: bawled your eyes out, I was venting angst in the comments.


(ノ゚0゚)ノ(╭☞•́⍛•̀)╭☞ :hole: :black_circle: :new_moon_with_face: :thinking::thought_balloon: :rofl:

On a more straight face note, this might happen too

I already see it for these :thread::yarn: Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them? :yarn::thread: Community Discussions Badges 🟫


But Scotty, the sub-converter attached to the reflux inhibitor on the dilithium crystal stabilizer will prevent that! If we crawl through five miles of access tunnels, we can cross-inhibit the reconstitution of Higgs bosons and create a protective proton shield which will keep us safe but suck Discobot and its cousin Xiao Tam back into the minds of the programmers who created them.

And then we can all go out for beer and chicken.


So, as to @ninjas_with_onions and the composition of a “machinima” type “Viki WHAT IS THAT?” drama . . .

Of the dramas out there now that everyone is watching, which has the best, most dramatic, grab-you-by-the-throat opening? It seems to me that it’s the opening which will set the tone for what follows.

Miss W (aka Miss Oo)

The "Viki Original" you haven't seen yet

Seriously I’m wondering how can you search for gifs in a giffy and post them here


My jaw dropped over Flower of Evil’s beginning… I actually thought a part of the video was cut out because it just starts with the ML tied up and drowning, and the FL saving him… and the very next scene moves on to some MAJOR kissing :flushed: I just sat there going “Heol! I usually wait for at least 10 episodes before we get a fish kiss and here—”
The director won a Baeksang so you know the directing’s gonna be good.

can’t remember any other surprising beginnings… though I remember Dr. Romantic’s first episode was so fast-paced it left me breathless. And Lawless Lawyer’s first episode finished in no time for me… had a wild beginnning.

The "Viki Original" you haven't seen yet

Just had the same thought and I really love it!! After watching it I became a fan of Joon GI ajushi!


@vivi_1485, Flower of Evil, Dr, Romantic, and Lawless Lawyer are all super suggestions for a “Badger Productions” opening.

One is rooted in personal trauma, one is rooted in community trauma, and one is rooted in political/economic trauma.

One guarantees an “ugly cry,” one guarantees tears of pity, cheers of admiration, and cries of outrage; one guarantees placing an episode on pause, going to the bathroom, gathering snax, finding that comfy blankie, snuggling into the couch, and waiting to see how the good guys bend the law to the breaking point to get justice for the little guy.

Sounds like these ideas can go to the producer’s office. Though we must walk carefully down the hall lest we disturb the director who’s just come in from a night shoot and is sound asleep, stretched out on the conference room table. (And who is that sleeping under the table with a teddy bear, oozing BBF and CBF?)

I volunteer you as director. It seems a natural fit.



Ooh, I’m honored! I personally think I would do a better job as screenwriter, but I’d love to try my hand at directing!
There are quite a few dramas under way that fell to ruin because of lack of creativity and participation… let’s revive them!

Let's write a story with our fav kdrama quotes

@vivi_1485, if things are kept short and sweet instead of endless and experimental, then it will allow for participation by @kdrama2020ali who has more pressing imaginary (er, imaginative) issues . . .

It takes a lot of time and effort to lovingly folding idol sweaters into travel bags, buy boxes of red ginseng tonic, and send hotties off on imaginary (do excuse me, I mean imaginative) drives to windswept coastlines and day shoots . . . virtual personal assistants never have a virtual personal life.


(Hindustan Times)

Once a decision is made about the direction of the opening scene, then perhaps the nature of the ML and FL can be determined as well as the quotes that need to issue meaningfully from their mouths (before and after lip lock, which I do believe should occur within two minutes from the 00:00 time stamp, during the opening theme if possible).

See you in the producer’s office! Of course we have to let them know we’re coming!


I love @misswillowinlove That you get me! My Pressing Hottie issues KEEP ME SO BUSY!

Looking for them and tracking them down is a task…

The HOTTIES need ME! I keep them in snax, pack, sunscreen.

We have “shoots” to go on!

I am the Virtual Personal Assistant

@padmalayag @leerla73 @my_happy_place


@vivi_1485, @misswillowinlove,
Don’t forget this link, The "Viki Original" you haven't seen yet


This reminds me of our school trips :joy: All the girls would pack enough snacks for everyone and the boys would provide the entertainment. It was a wonderful example of co-existence :grin:
Of course, we didn’t do it because the guys were handsome :crazy_face: they’re like brothers to us.


@misswillowinlove is backing you up
I have my @leerla73!!