It's a little known fact, but English language editors


I have lots of fun in TD actually making notes and such. I do hope all moderators read them. It’s fascinating!!


I actually almost never go into TD because thus far I only saw stuff there that appear to be for the English team. So, I gave up.

For every project I have my own file with names and songs and such, and that’s about it.


It is only for the English team. (The Spanish team uses it too). But, exactly because of that, you learn many useful things there that can help with your own translation. I also ask any questions I have, when the English is not clear, and people are very helpful most of the time. So i think it’s good to lurk there.


German Moderators work with their own google doc, and very often the Kakaotalk App, but I still tell my team to visit from time to time Team Notes, it can help when a name appears to be misspelled in a segment and a quick check in TN can help.

The other times for example Team of Legend Of Condor Heroes is using mostly the TDiscussion board (even with the google doc where they can read the rules and OST) for the progress since it’s not timely and they work on their own time… TD is very helpful for the progress and depending on CM who wants to know about progress in other languages as well.

Now in other cases I use TD when asking Kor/Eng subbers whether some people in drama have changed their formal/informal addressing as I can’t tell it well or when we encounter funny English sentences that don’t make sense, perhaps a word is wrong or missing. There is also communication going on about changes like from Unni to Unnie and that sort and the announcement when episodes are released (it’s faster than waiting for that email).

But the majority of communication is by the Eng and Spanish Teams.


Anyone who knows me knows the TD is my main hangout. The Unni or Unnie topic is because there’s KRS and Mc-somebody spellings. I was taught to rely on the KRS spellings because it’s closer to the actual sounds. So I constantly have to look things up. But the TD is good for explaining why you went crazy in the edit box. Most times I use it to encourage the team and cheer them on. Also since I make more mistakes using PMs (No Edit Button), I use the TD for updating the team’s progress. I would encourage everyone to make friends with my favorite tool.


I would absolutely volunteer to be an editor! I can’t translate any languages that would be any good here but I often see subtitles that I know could be better worded and my fingers itch to do it. Needless to say it does interrupt my viewing and distract me.


I just added your info to the English Editors thread.