Let's help the French Volunteers!

Would you mind if you post this on your profile pages?
We are absolutely against Viki’s policy of adding the vikibot translation on many dramas in French language. We are sure that other languages will be next!


I would appreciate it if Viki would use an “extra segment” for each language they are bot translating.
So in the video tools one can chose the following:

  1. BOT - French

  2. French by volunteers
    or any other language

  3. BOT- English

  4. English by volunteers

At least there would be a choice, and I am pretty sure their techies could still be able to compare bot translations to subtitles done by volunteers without making the volunteers desperate. Yes it might need more data and energy, but at least this portion of work would fall into the rightful hands, the ones who are paid for. I don’t see why volunteers should put so much work in editing, when editing never, not in former years and not now was fully honored. Editor isn’t even a position that exists at Viki. There are channel roles from CM, Mod, Subber and Segmenter, but no Editor. Editors achievement on subtitle counting need way more time and are in no way on the same level as subbers. They need more time for fewer subtitles.
If Viki continues with this won’t all subbers become editors sooner or later?
I understand your intention, but i don’t see that this statement on our profile pages will be visible enough.


Such a shame!

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You are right, it’s not something very visible, but it’s a start. It’s not all about the French teams, it’s about the volunteers from Viki. They will do this with the other languages too, so we should stick together.


To get BOT translation I don’t need to go to VIKI. Youtube and other pages offer this option as well. But It ALWAYS is your choice, not the only option!
I support French community and posted about it on my profile.


Why did you make a separate thread? I mean, it’s your right to create as many as you like, but it’s confusing to discuss the same matter in different places.


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