Looking for volunteers for Czech subtitles


If there is anyone who would like help with Czech subtitles from English, please contact me. I have enough projects where I’m missing someone because some people just don’t dedicate enough :slight_smile: ** your knowledge of English doesn’t have to be 100%, I’m always happy to give advice, but please, with Czech, I really appreciate it if you have some knowledge of grammar. so if you have the desire and TIME, just write me. :)**

I’m sure you’ll choose some of the stories, although I usually translate only Chinese serials.

Thank you :black_heart:

Broker | Rakuten Viki
Qing Luo | Rakuten Viki
Meet by Window | Rakuten Viki


perhaps ask these 2 I know if they would have time or perhaps know other Czech subtitlers:

Hodne stesti a mej se,

@octupusfairy Skuz i treba tady jestli nekoho najdes, jsou to sepisy.

děkujiii :purple_heart:

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I have seen your inquiry to Czech subtitlers.
I have been Czech wiever for several years and watch drama with English and Polish subtitles.
I would like to try to join to subtitling from English to Czech.
I have 2 hours weekly cca.
I would prefer to choose a modern dramas not historical.

Thank you for your reply in advance.


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Hi, I’d love to help with Czech subtitles, if you still have any projects feel free to contact me.

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I come from the Czech Republic (I lived there for 20 years), so I have really good knowledge of Czech language, and English language I know well, too.

I like to watch Chinese dramas / serials, too.