Songs That Touch Your Heart And SOUL 💜


I just learnt about the Buryats Culture, their singing is beautiful!! It’s a part of Russia… and Mongolia.
This song is very touching, connect with nature and soul…


Oh thanks for sharing - I love chanting and this reminds me of that a little - folk songs are the best!!!


This is so restful to me!!! Peaceful


That’s a really beautiful song, and the quality of her voice is so pure. The sound of those stringed instruments is so soothing.


My beloved ShakaLabbits - who broke up in early 2017 right after releasing their excellent disc “Her” - have been reborn, kinda, as Muvidat. Singer Uki-san (she’s spelling it “Uqui” now,) and drummer Mah are the only Labbits in the group, but the groove is very similar.

They’re releasing their third disc on Nov 24 (can’t wait) but “Fog Lights” from their second album is a great tune that has a deceptively-ominous beginning:

The lyrics translated to Ei-go are here if you’re interested in the words:


I have wanted so much to sing Amazing Grace but usually I just sing it to myself - maybe someday I will sing it for an audience -

This is a beautiful arrangement

This is so beautiful
@frustratedwriter you might like “The Prayer”
I actually have seen both these guys perform but at different times

Pray for me pt2

“The Prayer” is so unbelievably beautiful in all its iterations. One of many songs that give me goosebumps every time.



Yes - I love this song!!! Especially all the different arrangements!!!


Song is 3:34 short

Several dramas later, and I can still hear this song.