Totally frustrated with sub whining -comments section destroyed


Am I doing the right thing?

Viki won’t set up the comments section by language, so all I see are Portugese, Spanish, French, Italian etc. complaints about / request for subbing…these people don’t seem to understand how VIKI works. - total waste of space - their requests are not seen by VIKI and don,t produce faster subbing!

So i’ve started voting each down ( does it change anything?) I report them as spam (does it change anything?) and now I just block them (at least I don’t have to see it)

Is anyone else just so fed up with the comments section? it used to be fun and informative and we all talked about the DRAMA!.


What you’re doing IS useful. Many of us are doing it.
Waiting for Viki to finally listen to our pleas to give us moderation of Disqus comment section. We know that Disqus allows comment moderation by the page owners or whomever they appoint.


Thank you, @logan_perron_763! There is a handful of us doing this regularly. You can find us here, if you ever need some help:

Also, many moderators are not aware of how the reporting system works (that it takes 3-4 reports before the whining-for-subs comment gets deleted), so it’s sometimes even more useful to explain it to the mods and offer to be of assistance.


What’s worse are people giving bad ratings for a show because subs aren’t ready or unavailable :unamused:


I too find if very annoying that I can’t pick just English and get all these other languages as well. That is why I don’t read many comments since I couldn’t be bothered scrolling through all non-english ones.

I too vote down on comments that complains about subs. I understand if they don’t know how Viki works and it’s really up to Viki to inform these people since there are just soooo many complaints about just subs. Wonder why Viki don’t add a simple notice somewhere for all to see…


Most of them do know how Viki works I bet.


Maybe, but the fact is that you cannot know for sure. Even if you go to their profile and you see they’ve been here for years, they might have been inactive so far, so this is not a definite proof. So, unless they write in a nasty, entitled way, I do try to assume they don’t. As they say, “innocent until proven guilty”.
Since Dramafever closed down, there has been a flood of subwhining, and I attribute it to ex-Dramafever users who genuinely don’t know that this site works differently.