🐿️ Squirrel! ʘ‿ʘ You Call It, We Watch It!


That’s how I use squirrel too. A drama that distracted me from what I was currently watching.


Eternal Love
I thought both the movie and drama was really good. The movie was just a shorter version.

Bai Qian is my favorite fl character ever. She’s no push over simpering damsel. My fav. scene was when she took her eyes back from the conniving heifer. :joy: So satisfying to watch.

If anyone hasn’t watched it, please do.


I totaly :chipmunk: squirreled :chipmunk: this movie, thanks to simi11, also mirjam_465, it’s one of their many works. See link below:

The posts before, and after the post in the above link, is what lead to this :chipmunk: squirrel :chipmunk: :blush:


best gif ever!!


I’d like to :chipmunk: Squirrel :chipmunk: Sword Snow Stride except, it’s still airing. I’m a binge watcher. Based on Marcus Here’s! quick update of
His currently watching dramas.

Also based on several posts here on discussions hyping this very drama.
@frustratedwriter 6 days ago.
@frustratedwriter :smile: again


Here are two :chipmunk: Squirrel :chipmunk: stamp of approval, Nirvana In Fire relicensed! :smiley:
절대! Never, ever watch the dubbed English version. Yuck! :joy:

And, Nirvana In Fire 2


It’s not on Viki but if you can find it, watch it!
It’s the original version.

The Korean version was bad, I didn’t like it :frowning:


Very good show indeed! :+1:t3:

I couldn’t watch the K ver. it felt incomplete. The charm of ml was gone.

Did these have happy endings?
I hear good things about them but I don’t like tragedy. Don’t want to invest in a broken heart. Lol


I’m re-watching myself :smile: it’s been a while since I’ve watched both seasons. It’s a story that gives you the tragedy right from the get-go, and unfolds by showing you how the ML deals with taking revenge. The ending you’ll be able to deal with, because he still gets his justifiable revenge, and it’s not like you didn’t expect it to end. Intellect is prominent, romance mostly alluded to, and martial arts is throughout the entire drama.
I have several dramas going, and this is my Squirrel :chipmunk: it’s hitting all the good drama spots :blush:


Thank you! Will put this on the back burner and watch when I get the chance. :sweat_smile:


Check these C-Dramas at the start of this video!
Talk about intriguing! I’d Squirrel :chipmunk: Stick To The Script, the one where the viewer ends up interacting with the characters. Right after I’m done re-watching Nirvana In Fire :smile::smile::smile: Except, Stick To The Script is not here on Viki
Video is 12:32


Nirvana In Fire this Squirrel :chipmunk: watch is so intense, even on a re-watch, I’m up to episode 36. Ha-Ha! Not even 15 minutes in, and they got bested! Whew!
Update today: December 28, 2021 - Episode 49 was even more intense! I couldn’t breathe! And when I did, I was thumping my fist on the table, and yelling for them to hurry up! Whew! I really couldn’t breathe.

Rewatch completed, and so satisfying :blush: :ok_woman:t5:‍♀ :blush: for those still in doubt about picking up this show Check out the reviews, and comments watching is so worth it! :blush:


Thought I’d post this link here, since they took away my topic pencil :pencil2: This is the posts related to my starting this topic :dizzy: :grinning:


What a great thread! I just found it (yeah, I’m a little slow).
I’m calling :chipmunk: squirrel :chipmunk: on this gem which is currently on-air. Wallace Chung’s acting is so good!!! I try to watch each episode as it’s released ASAP. All other dramas that I am watching can wait. LOL!

Update: It’s a 30 episode show and was really good until the very last episode which (IMO) was very meh. A very anti-climactic ending for a show that showed such promise early on. But I must say, Wallace Chung’s acting in parts of this show was off the charts. So good! He definitely made it worth the watch.


W(^ o ^)W! Sounds pretty intense, I added to my list of shows following, since it has a bell, :bell: and will check it out once they complete airing, and the team is done working on it! Binge watching is my thing!


I’ve had Perfect and Casual (2020) - MyDramaList on my to watch list for months now, and I finally decided to start it, I’m on episode 8 and every episode I find myself grinning like a fool, so far it is so sweet.

It’s a damsel in distress, contract marriage trope, but she’s not the typical brainless pushover, she’s more like a trusting regular woman, and he’s a sweet, perfectionist, cutie.


Love your review! My search returned this official trailer clip :slightly_smiling_face: :heart: Touch clip to get this → :gear: for English subtitles choice.



Two very thorough and to the point squirrel :chipmunk: movies. :wink: If you’ve got any type of snag with shows you’re watching, these are great for a break.



I label both these dramas as certifiable Squirrels! :wink: You can thank me later!

Ghost Doctor :kissing_heart: :100: percent:heavy_heart_exclamation:

As cat lovers, are you watching The Blue Whisper?

@simi11, @gaby_heitmann_975, @irmar, @adrianmorales, @irene06, @damiechan, @someofliz, and @AllCatLovers!
Episode six is :fire: fire! Cat power is on full display!