Want to subtitle? Let people know!

You may want to go to these posts too:

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hi, i would like to translate english subtitles into french subtitles ! It’s my first time, can comeone recommend me some projects ?

I am looking to subtitle from Korean to English. I don’t know how to go about Viki as a volunteer. Could someone help me out?

I can translate english into german and turkish. Let me know if your team needs help:)

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You may want to check this useful post by piranna.

and my advice to the original poster on how to find a project here:

thank you !


Hi everyone!
I’m volunteering to sub eng-ptbr chinese dramas, also to practice mandarim that I’ve been studying since last year. Huge fan of wuxia and xianxia - who isn’t?, Dilraba Dilmurat, Ni Ni, Vic Zhou, Mark Chao and Yang Mi.
I have no sub projects by now, so I’m free to start anytime.

happy to be part of this team!

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i would like to help translating Chinese Drama into English. Please tell me which project needs subtitler.

legendo já algum tempo, porem dei uma parada devido a alguns problemas pessoais, quero voltar a ativa, posso legendar inglês/português…
Se alguém estiver precisando de gente na equipe pode me chamar.
Desde já muito obrigada!

If you go to Explore and choose “China” and “drama”, you will see all of them. You have to put your subtitle language to English (it should be thus by default, if you haven’t changed it), and look at which are yet incomplete. Don’t bother with those that are almost done, pick some that are still halfway. And I advise you to not ask for the ones currently airing, because they may have stringent deadlines. For the others, look at the Team tab and write to one of the English moderators. If there is a cover page (that long colourful picture under the team names, which details all the roles of the team members), look there as well. Because some people are made English moderators only because they have to be able to open and close the episodes, but they are not really in charge of recruiting the translators: the person could just be a cover page maker, or a chief segmenter, or a Chinese captioner. Write to them and ask whether they need help on this or any other project. In English AND in Chinese, so that they can immediately see how well you know both languages. State your skills clearly, and don’t forget to state whether you have a vikipass or not.
And do populate your profile page. A blank page, completely impersonal, is off-putting. A few words about you, the languages you know, the kind of dramas you enjoy and some nice pictures or gifs that you can find from the web. It’s best to download them to your pc and upload them to the Viki server instead of just linking to their address, because if you link to them and then they are removed from their website, they will disappear from here as well. Be sure that they are not over 400k.

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I am looking for a project to do subtitling from English to Hindi.

Contact hindi moderator of Luca the beginning she might need help.

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I can translate Korean subtitles into Chinese or Chinese subtitles into Korean. Please contact me if you need any help.

I can translate from English to German and also from English/German to Macedonian.
I’m not sure how good i can use Macedonian even tho its my mothertongue.
See ya

Thanks, dear. I can also do English to Telugu subtitling.

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https://www.viki.com/users/padmalayag/overview contact me

thanks for your advice…

i also tried finding a project with the project finder…but i want to translate chinese drama into english subtitle, and its not showing any dramas when i type in “chinese subtitle” into “english”

i am looking for chinese drama to do english subtitle, but i can’t find any show that doesn’t have subtitle

Hola, estoy disponible para subtitular de ingles a español y de español a ingles ^^. Déjenme saber si ocupan traductores en algún proyecto, mi perfil es https://www.viki.com/users/carosoleare/overview