What are you currently watching?


Hello guys, I’m curious about the dramas others are currently watching. I’ve just finished “Watcher” and I loved it, it entered my top 5 fave dramas list :star_struck: I tried getting into “When the Devil Calls Your Name” but I wasn’t impressed and I don’t think I’ll keep watching it. I also wanted to ask you guys what are you loving about the drama you’re currently watching? :smile:

Don’t watch if you don’t like sad endings (spoilers inside)!
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Usually I watch several drama’s at the same time. On another site I’m now watching ‘Ojakgyo Family’ and on Viki I’m watching ‘Le coup de foudre’ and ‘My fellow citizens!’ Until recently I also was watching ‘Love alert’, but I found it only interesting in the first half of the series and I have stopped watching it.

Even though ‘Ojakgyo family’ has many episodes the writers have wrote a good story and it’s very interesting to watch. It’s about a family consisting of grandmother, parents and four adult sons living in the Ojakgyo farm. But the farm doesn’t actually belong to them. A friend of the fater lent it to him in a contract for 10 years and now those 10 years have almost ended. So the friend wants the farm back. When he one day disappears, his daughter finds out about the contract and she goes to the farm to demand it back.
That is the main story, but each son also has is own story as well as all the side characters. All of them have multiple layers in their personality and are really the main characters in their own story. I also like the developments in the story. When something or someone has to change it doesn’t go immediately from bad to good, but rather it goes gradually. Sometimes there will be even a setback, however I think that’s realistic because no one can change at once for the better, even when we try we still can’t do that on some times.

Le coup de foudre is a Chinese coming-of-age drama. The dumbest girl of the class and the smartest guy of the class become friends and later work colleagues and then husband and wife. I find it it nice to watch. There aren’t any big crisises and if there are they’re solved quickly.

My fellow citizens is a very fast-paced drama that I think is very funny. It is political drama without boring political scenes. Even if they are required for the story, the writers have made them in such a way with editing that it doesn’t feel boring at all.


I am like Oriya, _ watch several at a time, yes jut finished watcher, me thinks a mystery a foot , oh well lets go on, I am finishing up lie to me and my lovely sam soon, going to start protect the boss,_ haven’t decided what else to watch, healer, oh me, watched it so many times, heal me kill me, same thing, net flix, watching historian office girls, love cuisine
I am watching a couple of Chinese dramas too.


Also in the same category as the above:

  • King Sejong the great: I really enjoy this drama so far, I haven’t even noticed that I’m on episode 55 (with 31 more episodes to go). The characters are well balanced. If someone is the bad guy, you can sympathize with them or see their good qualities and the some of the heroes of the stories have major flaws. The drama makes you laugh and cry and reminds me of the first great historical drama that I watched.
  • Arthdal chronicles: some scenes are really, really hard to watch, but it is a story that’s rarely explored in the Korean scene (Bronze age). The story managed to pull me in after a few episodes and I think the actors are doing a good job of telling the story.

  • Haechi: another historical drama, I’m working on as a volunteer. First, I confused the storyline with a different drama, so I thought I knew what was going to happen, but the prince in this story is a intelligent tactician. The drama also gets goofy at times, which makes me wonder how many times they laughed during / after a scene…


I also watch several dramas at the same time :smile: Some on on the ´To Be Continued Sometime’ list

Prison Playbook (on the ‘other’ site) (kdrama): A famous baseball player gets incarcerated for one year, and he has to learn to navigate prison life. The story is not as dark as I thought it would be; rather, it is filled with humor. The cellmates’ backstories are touching as well (most of them, anyways). The drama episodes are longer than the standard one hour.

The Way We Love (tdrama): An author struggling with his past heartbreak and an editor filled with guilt over her boyfriend’s death work together to create not only a successful book, but to find peace with their past and open up to future possibilities. The side characters are interesting as well. This drama is currently airing on Viki. One of my goals is to be a published writer so this story caught my attention :upside_down_face:

My Mowgli Boy (cdrama): A kind-of spoiled woman accidently brings home a man from the forest. He has to learn to adapt to her world after she uses him to keep her clothing business running. This is one drama where I am very interested in the side characters. The acting is great, the storyline interesting so far. Viki has released only sixteen episodes so far. I am reminded of Prince of Wolf (a tdrama) that has the same premise.

Seige in Fog (cdrama): Very politically-oriented, not much action, but still interesting. The fact that I am still watching this drama without getting bored and impatient really surprises me. It is about a powerful warlord’s family of three sons and their wives and their power struggle during the early half of the 1900s. The costumes are gorgeous.

Other dramas I have put on hold: Boys over Flowers, Ashes of Love, Arthdal Chronicles, Possessed


I was like you guys since a few years ago … I followed at least 3-5 on air dramas filling the gap with older ones, so at least 6 dramas were on my menu. Now I am totally different viewer, if I can I watch, I start and end one drama after the other. For on air dramas I really want to see, I start about 2 weeks before they end and fits my schedule most of the time. Most of the time I still try to watch the dramas I missed out on, due to license endings I lost a few chances … Too bad but nothing I can do about. I am sad I can’t go back to the good oldies, sometimes I like to go on a memory trip but practically every drama of the relevant ones are blocked now.
The last 3 dramas on my list are:
Chief Kim - I just liked it because it was comedy in the world of corruption. It was different in many ways since Chief Kim had to find an exit for himself that wasn’t jail. (It was a feast after watching Fates and Furies a welcomed break.)
Search: WWW - I loved it, it had drive (not only through sponsoring by an Italian car company - practically everyone had a Ma…ti). But it was made with care I wished every drama could handle suspense by pausing dialogue, music or action like this one. The cast superb and finally women, who weren’t “bloodless” just because they were good in their jobs. They weren’t perfect but felt like human beings, such a fresh story.
Baek Hee Has Returned - I needed something totally different and a change of atmosphere, it’s a short 4 episode drama about a mother of an 18-year-old girl. She left her hometown, actually an island when she had the same age as her daughter now. Leaving with not much money in her pockets but pregnant. And now she comes back with her daughter and a no-good husband - he is a doctor but a gambler and adds to her problems. She sells food through a home shopping channel and makes good money but it goes all to waste paying back loans for her husbands gambling habit. On the island her best 3 friends (all male) are alarmed getting to know that she has a daughter of 18. The 3 are taking care of the girl each one of them thinking he could be the father. They all hold the memory of a special night but only one night actually happened like they recall it. Some surprises are left … A light watch and a nice diversion before I chose a new drama.


Does your question also include non Asian series?

(I’m asking because I recently went back to European and American series… with one Chinese exception.)


I have seen 3 awesome American series DOMINION and CONTAINMENT and THE I-LAND… They are a bit wild in some parts, but I really like the variety in them. Victim #8 is from Spain or Argentina (I forgot). The Arthdal Chronicles is back with awesome episodes. grave of the fireflies (fully subbed in English on YT.

Here at viki I am watching and love it THE GREAT SHOW (SK). Just finished May I Blackmailed you (Japanese).


I am currently re-watching Fight My Way: I just love the way it’s realistic and so funny. Just watching it makes me happy.
Also watching: Moment of 18 and Doctor John. Doctor John is a thriller and a stressing and hooking one to watch while Moment of 18 is a more relaxing one (yes, I am watching both together for balance :upside_down_face:)


I just finished The Naked Fireman - only 4 episodes - but nice pace, twists, suspense and a little romance. It doesn’t get boring and was a good choice for me to get me back on track for a new drama.
Starting with The Man Living in Our House … We will see, if I make it through.
@tweet998 Fight My Way is such a joy to watch, I completed only recently, as I mentioned before there are a lot of dramas I missed out on.


I saw that one a while back, I thought it was fun and interesting. I don’t watch as many Japanese shows as I do Korean or Chinese, but this one held my attention all the way through.

I just finished Moment of 18 two days ago, and yes, it is relaxed. I was surprised that a high school kdrama could be made without the overwhelming drama that happens in other high school dramas such as Boys Over Flowers. I would watch Ji Sung in Doctor John but I stay away from medical dramas.

I started watching The Longest Day in Chang’an (Cdrama), and I am addicted! It has such an interesting plot that moves quickly, yet the characters aren’t shallow (so far–I’m only on ep 12). Zhou Yi Wei from Tribes and Empires acts in it and so do some other famous and great actors. It’s almost like the Tang Dynasty version of the FBI trying to subdue a gang, yet little do they know, they are getting entangled in something bigger than a troublesome gang.
I guess I needed something fresh and fast-paced, like Ever Night and Tribes and Empires.


@oriya I tried watching several things at the same time but I inevitably drop one and watch the drama that is more intresting to me. I tried watching ‘Le coup de foudre’ too but I dropped after the 2nd episode because some scenes were too ridiculous to me :sweat_smile:

@frustratedwriter Wow you watch so many shows at the same time, do you manage to keep up with all of them??

@feyfayer King Sejong the great sounds like a great drama, it’s really long tho, I started Untouchable Lovers around last year and I still have to watch the last episode :expressionless: I started watching (actually my sister wanted to watch it and I tagged along) Haechi too but I dropped it after a couple of episodes too but it was a nice drama, I should go back and finish it…

@helenama73_911 ah for me the ´To Be Continued Sometime’ list didn’t exist but was made spontaneously when a few dramas stated piling up, for a year I watched all the dramas I stated but then I really don’t know what happened and why :joy: Prison Playbook sounds very intresting but I can’t afford the ‘other’ site :relieved: I’d like to get into some political dramas but all the actors/actresses I like haven’t done any lately and I subconsciously give priority to those they’re in lol I want to watch some tho!!

@lutra I’m trying to wach just one at a time so I can give all my focus to it and really enjoy the drama. I want to watch Chief Kim too but it was restricted for a period of time and now that it’s available my sister doesn’t want to watch it (we always watch them together) :roll_eyes: I loved Lee Junho in Just Between Lovers and want to see him play different characters.
Search: WWW is on my watch list :kissing_closed_eyes:
Baek Hee Has Returned sounds so nice ! The plot is interesting and I’m curious about how the story will unfold so I think I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

@sonmachinima feel free to share to share them :slight_smile:

@tweet998 I loved Fight My Way for the same reasons :sob: i’ts one of my fave dramas ever, I really ephatized with the struggle of not finding a job and not being able to realize your dreams. I’d like to watch Moments of 18, I loved one of the leads in A-teen so I’m curious to see how he’ll do in this drama, also my sister has been saying it’s very nice from some scenes she saw on ig so it definitely on my watch list! I wansn’t going to watch Doctor John because it’s doesn’t say anything to me?? (?) but you made it sound interisting so maybe I’ll give it a try :blush:

I want to watch it too since Kim Youngkwang is in it and it’s probably what I’ll end up watching next :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I don’t usually watch Japanese dramas but I’ll add it to my watch list since @helenama73_911 said it held her attention, thank you for sharing your opinion about it.


I’m the same way you are: I too watch several shows at once.
Here on Viki i’m currently watch a historical drama Goodbye My Princess and contemporary drama Return the World to You. On other sites and tivo I have series I follow as well and those are all english speaking.
I like to watch different genres so I can choose depending on my mood.


I would love to help out, of course, but Terrace House is actually a Netflix Original, and as such, it’s exclusive to the platform. Speaking of wacky shows, I’m currently watching Night of Hate Comments. It sounds bad, I know, but it’s also sort of cathartic in its weird nature. I recommend the first episode to get a feel for the format.


Would you recommend them? They are on my watchlist but I didn’t have a look yet.


I recently watched these:

The Swell - Als de dijken breken

It’s so good and thrilling. The story and characters are well developed and the basic idea is not that far away from reality.

Non Uccidere & Shades of Blue (both crime series about a female cop but with complete different setting/surroundings)


The crime shows may be something for you when you want some thrill :smiley:


I’ve actually watched most of the episodes of Night of the Hate comments somewhere else and I’m hooked! The later episodes get even better :smile:

It’s a great way to get to know the guests a bit better.


I’m definitely watching Night of Hate comments. Thanks for recommending that one to me. Is my kind of variety show to watch. If sulli is there, is the more special to me. That young girl has been bullied and she has such a beautiful soul.


Are these on Ntfx or YT? Where can I see them?


I watched some episodes of Shades of Blue when it was airing on tv last year, it was nice :slight_smile: