[Viki Community Team] November 2019 Updates


Site Updates: New Video Player

On Nov. 28, a small percentage of users may see a prompt to test a new video player design.

Please note that the video player design is subject to change. If the video player test design is made available to you, we welcome you to test it and share your feedback. A survey will appear as a pop-up prompt.

*The above text was updated on Nov. 22

Coming Soon

  1. Project Finder is being worked on for better filters and an improved user experience! Expected launch date in December. More details to come soon!

  2. The new inbox is also being worked on. Expected launch date in January. Previews coming soon!

If additional updates are available, they’ll be added to this post.

Thanks for reading!

– Viki Community Team


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Now I wonder if that new player is the cause of so many bugs flying around for weeks/months.

But I’m excited to read we will get a new inbox soon. Don’t forget the subject line!


Excited to see the new project finder and the new inbox. Come quickly, December and January!


Awesome news! Can’t wait!. :heart_eyes:


The inbox system and project finder sound promising! Both two things that have had issues for a long time.
Is there any update on the feature for expired licenses? (


@vikicommunity, could I ask how projects are inputed into project finder?

  1. If just based on availability for that region, does that also include QC-availability?

  2. Does it include information if the project:

  • has a moderator for the designated language with a quick link to send that moderator a PM?
  • if the project has been started or how far it has been completed?

The last I ask because some people might want to choose just those projects which need wrapping up.


Lately I see an increase of PM’s send to me by the project finder and it’s annoying:
94% of those messages should not have been send to me but the language moderator.
3% wants to sub the review or a teaser only because everything else is done in that language they want to sub into.
2% forgots to mention the langauge they want to sub into or I have no clue which Kdrama they mean because the Kdrama title is translated in a random language I don’t know?!
1% is actually useful.

Needles to say: I ignore most of those PM’s send by the project finder as they are not for me but the language moderator. Also it would have been great if Viki removes trailers, teasers, previews etc. of finished Kdrama. I’m sick and tired of the endless discussion with people wether or not those teasers, trailers and previews still should be subbed while you can see it in the Kdrama when you actually watch it. I don’t want to bother my Ko-Eng subbers with them as they are already busy enough.


@bozoli I think it would be nice to have an option based on the number of missing subs for example, although that wouldn’t work for on-air titles and coming soon titles.
Also number of episodes, since they range from 4 to 100, so that counts. :sweat_smile:
It needs a thorough analysis of what we need and what can be done to come up with the best formula for it. I hope that’s what they’ve done.


@dudie Do you mind me asking, how do you get PMs from the project finder? I never got a single message from it.


Judging by the screenshot up there, it doesn’t seem that they have gone that far into details. But they should! I like your suggestions.

Basically, there should be more filters and basic information about the drama and the volunteer team.

If a drama has a moderator for that language, the contact should be that moderator not CM. That would solve 94% of @dudie’s problems apparently :joy:


@tweet998 You never get a PM from the finder because you are not a Channel Manager for any channel. If you are a CM of a channel and that is listed in the finder you get all the PM’s if people send a message they want to help out directly from the finder. Moderators don’t get them (but should if someone wants to help in their language).


Not that I did calculate it or anything but the biggest pile is those messages that are not for me.


Hello, before I forget it - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the Viki Staff Team!
A small question on the way - What about December 2019 update or will “we” just move to the next year?

In addition to climate change and the increasing streaming numbers leading to additional use of electricity I still would be happy if there was a “saving option”. I did watch videos in 360-480 quality before, since many people have asked before because their connection speed, devices or what ever the cause for their problems with watching high quality videos is … It would still be nice to have an option to choose. Climate change and streaming might not be the biggest portion there is but every little step could help. I know most people just want to have HD, 4K but rarely do they think about the “how” it all works.
I normally do not make any resolutions for the next year, but I will cut my number of streaming, since I can’t save energy at Viki in another way.


I am not sure I understood your post correctly but if you are looking for a way to watch in less quality, I know the way. It’s in your Subscription and Settings in the drop-down menu that appears when you click on your profile pic.

And by the way… Since, thanks to you, I found this thread, I am still waiting for the promised new Project Finder. I was said that it will be launched in December so I am still patiently waiting!


Thanks - I will look into it, it was there in theory but not usable for me ( it has been a long time I looked into that option) if it is now that would be good.

Edit - Thanks for reminding me about this option, I really forgot about it, since it is not connected to the video player.