Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hi, i’d like to help subtitle from English into Spanish


I can subtitle any Chinese audio to English. I haven’t done any projects before but I’m fluent in both Mandarin and English, Mandarin being my first language.


I have a Q about subbing and didn’t want to make a whole new thread since it’s a fairly simple Q.

If there’s no Channel Manager and Viki isn’t listed as one, would it be okay to sub the trailer/videos on that channel? I don’t want to overstep. Should I wait til the channel is up and running before I volunteer?


tbh I feel like subbing trailers and stuff is fine as long as you’re not self promoting or making wrong subtitles. personally, I wouldn’t think it’s a big deal, and after there’s a CM, you can just volunteer for normal subs for eps.


again, I’ve never been a CM so this is just my personal opinion


You must be a team member in order to acces the tools, so there’s nothing you can do if there is no cm for a particular channel, if there Is no cm there won’t be moderators there is no person to add you.and you can’t sub the trailers also.

I think the rules were different back then when you were actively subbing 6+ yrs ago


Oh! That makes sense. I didn’t check if I could even get into the tools. - Just tried and sure enough, must be added to the team. It was definitely different than a few years ago. Which was why there were a lot of abusers. Thanks for replying! :grin:


NO. It’s not okay to do that. And I don’t think you actually can access the tools unless you’re in the team.


You’re right, you can’t. You need to wait for a CM to be chosen and apply as a subber :slight_smile:


Oh, I actually didn’t know that. Really sorry about that, I should have made myself more aware with the rules before replying.


No worries, we love when people ask, discuss and get informed first. :blush:


New volunteers for the month of November!


English (editing)





Korean (captioning)

karlatrevizanoribeir (unknown Viki profile)




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I can translate from english to tamil.


I am fluent in English & Telugu, and a beginner in Korean




Thanks for the tag ,I already talked to her!


Hello I want to contribute and I can subtitle from english to portuguese!
I’d like to subtitle the on going kdrama Shadow Beauty!


Hello! I can sub from Korean to English.


Hi, I can translate from Korean to English.


Hello! I’ve already subtitled some shows here on Viki a few years ago but I wanted to do it again! I can help translating from english to portuguese.