Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hi! I can help translate form English to Dutch


Hello! I can sub from english to german :blush: pls contact me when there is a drama i can help to translate!

Hallo! ich kann vom Englischen ins Deutsche übersetzen :blush: Bitte kontaktiert mich, wenn es ein Drama gibt, bei dem ich helfen kann!


are there some Series or Movies under 18 without horror and much romance, which need german subtitles?
I would really like to do subtitles for English to German.
Even though this would be my first project then, am I willing to give my best:)

gibt es einige Serien oder Filme unter 18, die nicht zum Horror-Genre zählen, wenig Romanze haben und deutsche Untertitel gebrauchen könnten?
Ich würde gerne von Englisch zu Deutsch übersetzen.
Obwohl es mein erstes Projekt sein würde, bin ich bereit mein Bestes zu geben:)


Du kannst mich gerne anschreiben. Ich starte gerade wieder ein Newbies Drama, wo die Newbies angelernt und in die Viki Welt eingeführt werden.
Wenn du Interesse hast, dann melde dich bei mir. :e-mail:

LG Alex


Hallo joice, ik heb wel wat series waarbij je kan helpen, stuur me maar een privé bericht in het Nederlands, zodat ik een beetje kan zien hoe je Nederlands is.
Hopelijk zie ik snel een bericht tegemoet komen!


hai fabienne, hoe kan ik je prive bericht sturen? ik wil graag wel helpen. ik ben wel wat slordig maar ik kan best wel helpen. groetjes en beste wensen nog joice


Je kan iemand berichten op viki door naar die persoon zijn profiel te gaan (vervang naam door de nick van wie je wilt sturen) en op het envelopje te klikken. Of je kan iemand hier een bericht sturen door op de naam te klikken en dan op message :slight_smile:


ow dank u wel


Hi !
I can sub from english to french. I would like to help if you need it with Korean drama or Chinese drama. My fluent language is french.
I haven’t done any projects before, but i’m available and motivated.

N’hésitez pas à me contacter, je suis très réactive et peux me rendre disponible très vite si le projet nécessite rigueur et rapidité.
A bientôt!


I could help with subtitling into greek. I am interested in subtitling Lucky with you since I am currently watching it. Or any other chinese drama. Let me know.


@eirinim18101977_499 I have sent you a personal message in your viki profile


Hello! I can sub from English into Portuguese. Looking for projects. Please let me know. Thanks!


Hi! I can help with subtitling from Korean to English. I’d love to help with any project! I’m not sure where to start, so please feel free to contact me if you are interested on working with someone new.

Best regards,


Olá, sou nova nestas “andanças” e fiquei muito entusiasmada com a ideia de poder conjugar as minhas 2 paixões (línguas e dramas/bl’s asiáticos)!.

Posso ajudar com traduções de inglês/portugês/espanhol. Se alguém precisar da minha contribuição, é só dizer :slight_smile:



Here to help with any kor subs or kor-eng subs!



Hey everyone If anyone i looking for an English to hindi subber, i would love to do it available


Hi All,
I’m new to the community, but have a background in English copyediting, transcription and localisation in my ‘day job’.
I’m hoping to familiarise with the Viki tools/guidelines and build up my contributions with general editing (my Korean proficiency is not good enough yet for initial subbing).
I’m happy to review older series and movies to practice, although I’d love to be part of an active team.
Any advice on how to get started or anyone willing to add me to their team, please message me (or help me direct my thread to the relevant channel).
Thank you for your kind support :slight_smile:


Hi, I would love to make some subs, my languages: English, German, Russian


Hello there,
I haven’t subtitled before but if you want I can help you translate series/movie from English to German.

I mostly watch Japanese and Korean Drama and Movies on wiki.



Salut !
Ravie de faire partie de cette grande communauté ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Je souhaite aider à traduire des dramas de l’anglais au français.
Etant très disponible, j’attends avec impatience de commencer, alors n’hésite pas à me contacter :email:
A très vite :sunny: