Contributing with google translate/Deepl


For months now I have noticed that the ranking of contributors is weird. The average number of contributors per month is 25 000/30 000. But I notice that some people make 45 000 per month. When I look at the profile of this person I notice that she makes in 10 minutes more than 700 subtitles.

I am a passionate person and I will not say a name. But in the rules it is forbidden to use google translate or other translation software.

Why doesn’t anyone notice anything? There are things to win every month if you are in the top 3. And every 3 months too. If there are people who use google translate to earn “money” it’s not fair compared to others. What do you think about it?


You might want to read this topic and the topics that are linked here, to find out how people think about it :slight_smile:


I think i know who you are referring to, but there’s no proof and no one ever complained(from that language community) about that person and i think that person is a true subber who dedicates most of his/her time on viki and i might be wrong too. And if you want to report abusers come out with proofs and in that way we can keep our community safe from abusers.
And I’m shocked about the number too
700 subs in 10 mins it’s really hard even if you use a translator, as a fluent subber, in an hr, i translate arround 100-150 subs… So to help you(our community), i will now check that person’s profile to get some proofs…


Hello! I know it refers to me. I’m glad you brought up this topic. I don’t know if it would be appropriate to post here the message you sent me privately, but I want to repeat once again what I have already told you: Viki does not pay us for what we do here. If you want to earn money, try somewhere else.

Now, let’s talk about my number of contributions. To make it clear to everyone, I want to point out that I not only translate, but also edit projects that I moderate or that are moderated by other fellow volunteers. Of course, I don’t want perfect translations, I don’t believe in the notion of perfection, but I want them to be as accurate as possible in terms of my native language and to render the script as well as possible. Therefore, I intervene wherever I think there is room for improvement. So you shouldn’t be surprised by the number you have calculated.

Also, the time I spend on Viki should be taken into account. For example, this week I’m on vacation, so I’m on Viki from morning till late at night (about 14 hours/day). When I start my job, I spend at least 6 hours a day, and on weekends from morning till night.

Whenever necessary, I have made it clear that working on Viki is a second job for me. Unpaid, of course. As for the quality I offer, the fact that I started my work under the guidance of a sensei of the Ninja Segging & Subbing Academy and the fact that we are now collaborating on a number of projects together should clarify this aspect.

As I mentioned in the presentation on my profile, anyone who has questions about my work can message me. And for you, hyyuns, I will say again that no money is earned here. The fact that you are more interested in the number of contributions, and you waste your time doing calculations, shows that your main goal is not to do a job as qualitative and directed to those who expect our translations.

I apologize if my reply is too harsh, but when it comes to the work and time invested in Viki, I am very straightforward and do not accept to be unfairly pointed out.


Why do you mention your statistics on your profile? Why do you put that you are first with the number of contributions each month.

Viki is not a video game. We are here for our passion and not to be the best in the world. Or to be the number one in viki. It still proves that you are doing quantity. I’ve looked at the profiles of the TOP 50 and nobody writes that on their profile.

So tell me why are you doing this? and don’t tell me for passion. Someone who is really passionate would not put statistics. I find it sad to say that being passionate when your actions show the opposite.


A passionate person wouldn’t do that. Putting that you are first every month on your profile shows that you want to be first. And that statistics are important to you. If it wasn’t important, why put it there? And why specify that you are FIRST.

Moreover it’s been several months that I’m watching you and you’re making numbers, there’s nothing to say about that.

I have nothing against you. I just have some questions. Why do you do this when not everyone else does.

  • Why display on his profile the number of contributions per month with the ranking.

For my part I’m not here to be the BEST of viki and always be first. I respect the work of others, it’s not a competition here. These are details that show that the ranking is important for you.

As I state there, it is a statistic. It is my work, I have the right to expose it as I wish.

Everyone is free to mention what they want on their profile. I don’t force anyone to do the same as me or to pay special attention to it.

It seems that the answer I gave you in private displeased you. Otherwise you wouldn’t have left the conversation almost instantly. What you sent me in private is totally contrary to what you are trying to demonstrate here.

I’ll repeat, I do everything because I like it and I have the time. It’s not my fault that other volunteers can’t get as involved. Everyone gets involved as much as they can and as they see fit. If from tomorrow I want to devote all my time to another activity, I will. Life is too short not to do the things we enjoy and that give us satisfaction. Also, satisfaction doesn’t only come from money or material things. For me it is a joy when I receive messages (privately and on our community Facebook page) from those who watch the dramas and thank us for what we do.

Honestly, this is the first time I’ve been attacked by someone like this. I don’t understand why you would be bothered by the contributions aspect, when the situation clearly shows that you are not right in what you are trying to prove.


I’m sorry to have doubts about you and your work. But I’ve been watching your profile for 6 months.

If you hadn’t put the general ranking every month on your profile. I could have told myself that you are a passionate person.

If you have more time than others it is normal to have more contributions every month. And I have nothing to say about that. It’s very good that people invest in viki.

But to put the rank every month and say that you are first.
It makes me feel uncomfortable. You do what you want. But by showing that you are the first all the time, we wonder.

Honestly, I really don’t understand your anger. It’s also the first time someone is outraged by my profile. So far, I’ve had nothing but appreciation, and someone even asked me to offer a helping hand to create a few elements like I have on my profile.

I think the explanation given in the first reply should be enough.

Do you realize you’re contradicting yourself? I repeat, I am not responsible for the level of involvement of each volunteer. Everyone gets involved as much as they want and as willingly. If you have the time to analyze the community, then I wish you success. I need to work on the many projects I have as moderator, subtitler and editor.


I think it would have been more beneficial for our community and for those who are waiting for our translations to get involved in translation and editing. Maybe even segmentation.

You’re a bit shallow on this subject. If you have such a big problem with this top, then send a ticket to Viki requesting removal of this top as well as the monthly history. I didn’t invent them. If Viki thought it was useful, and I agree with them, I don’t see why I should be attacked for it. It’s my profile, so I have every right to mention whatever I want and it doesn’t violate Viki’s rules.


I am sorry for interfering here.

If it makes you uncomfortable, you are free to not visit his profile, lol.

Just as Dimghro stated, it is my first time, too, watching someone saying making many contributions is weird.

You titled this discussion ''Contributing with google translate/Deepl."
You did not give any proof of it. Now you claim something about the number of contributions.

You do not seem to know Romanian, do you? As far as I know… no one from Romanian community ever said anything bad about his work.
If being first is his achievements, he has the right to display them too. Don’t people display their trophies and medals? About me page is made for that. What do you think it is made for? To put our cooking recipes?

If these many contributions disturb you,
then these might, too:
image image image image

I do not even understand your argument. What are you trying to say? Could you please say it more clearly?

Oh… and with the title of this discussion, could you please give any proof of the softwares?

If someone is giving quantity & quality at the same time, why criticize them then? If you do not like about me page, then don’t visit it. People who don’t like the taste of Peanut Butter don’t eat Peanut Butter.
If you have problem with one person taking first place every month, this article from HC might be useful for you, and it might clear your doubts:

At the end of each month, the Top 3 users will qualify for the bonus tier. However, if you rank in the Top 3 more than once within a quarter (3-month period), you will not be eligible to win again until the following quarter. This will ensure that there will always be a total of 9 unique users who will receive the bonus prize within each quarter.

Dimghro, even if I do not know any Romanian apart from “Buna,” I’d say I highly value your contributions and work at Viki.


I’ve already wasted valuable editing time because I had to take time to clarify some things here. During this vacation I had intended to finish a series of edits, but it seems someone decided not to let me do that. I completely understand your target and what you’re after. For others, if you want to know more about my work, you can always give me a message. Those who have been active on Viki for a long time I am sure will analyze and conclude the situation right.

I think the way I started my activity, which I mentioned in the first reply in this conversation, is enough to clarify the quality aspect.

Thank you Shraddha! I understand and that’s why I don’t expect those who don’t know Romanian to take my word for it when I say I pay attention to quality. I was and I am a channel manager, so I understand very well what doubts about quality in other languages mean. Mainly because the only foreign language I know is English.


I have to agree with @shraddhasingh .
You should change the title of your topic if you don’t have any proof of that.
It also doesn’t seem like this fits the theme of the topics that Piranna and others have mentioned in theirs that I posted before.


Sorry, but I also don’t understand what is your problem. To be honest, on my computer I also have an excel file where each month I write how many subtitles I created. Is it something bad to keep a hand on how much you do, how much time it takes you, how in each month the number of contributions differs? Maybe he likes statistics?
And when you look at how much time he “sacrificed” to contribute here it is logical that he would gain a high place in the ranking. So as someone earlier said, if there are no complaints from his language group, then maybe his translating skills aren’t as bad as you suspect. If you have proof then report it to viki.
And at last, it is not your or anybody else matters what he writes in the section “About me” (unless there is some inappropriate content, but no, we are talking about ranking information). Someone put their information about his age, hobbies, favorite dramas, others about projects that they were working on, or information on projects where they need some help with translating. Their choice and we need to respect it.


Hi @dimghro,

I LOVE :star_struck: your Viki “About Me” web page. Not only are you an immensely talented editor and subtitler, you seem to have some pretty good HTML skills, too.

Congratulations on being such an outstanding Viki contributor. As someone who hasn’t hit 30,000 subs, I’m still trying to wrap my head around just how incredible your effort is :scream:

In short… I’m very impressed. You’ve got my standing ovation.

Great job and all the best to you,


Thanks manganese! Honestly, I didn’t expect and don’t expect to be praised for what I do here. Like I said, everyone gets involved according to their desire and the time they want to devote to Viki. That’s why I don’t consider that I’m doing something different from other volunteers, or that I’m doing something special.

Of course, I’m human and I have my own expectations and feelings, so I would be a hypocrite to say that I’m not pleased when my work is appreciated. Whether we’re talking about Viki, where we do everything for free, or whether we’re talking about real life, i.e. the workplace.

Personally, I have met some amazingly wonderful people on this platform and every day it is a pleasure to interact with so many people from different corners of the world. I have learned so many useful things about other cultures/societies that I might have missed in my everyday life.


Don’t bother replying anymore to the user, please. Viki might be deaf, blind and mute, but I believe they aren’t stupid enough to keep an abuser at the top of the leaderboard for such a long time.

@hyyuns I’d like to see someone copy paste Google translate subs at the speed of 700 subs per 10 mins. It’s literally impossible. Unless you come up with some extremely fancy program to do that(now really, who would waste time doing that?), which i don’t think is the case. @dimghro is out in the open and participates in Discussions. If he was as bad as you’re making him out to be, SOMEONE would have said something in all this time. I believe it when he says he’s passionate about the job. An abuser wouldn’t spend time and effort to create a Discord server to make volunteers’ lives easier, even though there was no guarantee of it working.


Thanks Vivi! I always tell myself that I shouldn’t waste my time with such people, but when I see my work and involvement being attacked, I can’t help myself. Especially since we are talking about my free time, all my free time, which I choose to invest in Viki. But for the wonderful people on this platform, I will try to tune out such vicious people. Surely this volunteer hasn’t seen all my forum posts and my level of involvement and exposure.

Yes, only by copy-paste could you achieve such a performance. And even then I’m still not sure you could achieve such a performance. Maybe only if someone would start and just put points, as there have been such situations before. Someone who pays attention to quality and tries to provide subtitles as close to context as possible will never succeed. Not a day goes by that I don’t search for different expressions/idioms, so as to fit my native language as well as possible. So, yet another reason to feel a bit offended by such atitutinde.

I am glad to see such a vigilant and down-to-earth community.


700 subs per 10 mins? How did he get these numbers? Recent contributions remember only 555 subtitles/segments and it saves also editing so it isn’t an accurate source of information.
The only reasonable explanation I can think about is malfunctioned option calculating the number of all subtitles. It often counts them with delay and I remember that last year was an incident where I was translating but for hours system didn’t add these subtitles to my score. Maybe something similar also happened here and all this situation is just a misunderstanding.


It’s really a good idea! Actually, I’m not a big fan of numbers, but I admit that sometimes it helps a lot. Last month, I tried to calculate the number of subtitles I have, the time I spend on viki… and the investment I provided here… and well… I was so shocked! I have invested a lot of time in my life on viki. When I calculated “approximately”, I was “WTF!”. ^^ Well, it helped me slow down here and think about other things.

I like this idea, having a visual in numbers on everything we’ve done: I’m going to try to count all my projects in cm, mod… I love it! Thanks for the idea!

However, I want your recipe, Dimghro! You are really active here. I have 3 projects ongoing (2 moderation with one drama and one movie + 1 final edition, 8 episodes and it’s done, YEAH) and I’m already suffocating. But on your profile, I saw that you have: 1 project as CM, 6 projects as Rom moderator, 7 projects as Rom co-moderator and 4 projects as Rom Editor ongoing. Respect! :wink:

Well, I believe that the “investment” is really something singular. One day, someone told me “you are not as invested as me when I moderate”, it was so harsh from this person because I feel really involved on viki, I gave a lot of time and energy for quality, translation, community… in the end, I think we just don’t all get involved in the same way… but it matters just as much to everyone.