[Viki Community Team] July 2020 Updates


New Channel Page - Continued Rollout

New Channel Page Preview

As a reminder, the new channel page is gradually being released to all users. This started early July with initial availability to 5% of users worldwide. Within the next 1-2 weeks, it will be available to 20% of users.

  • Continue to share your thoughts with us via the “Give feedback” link, available in the right-hand corner of each channel’s main banner!
  • For the users who get the new channel page and want to apply to be a channel manager for a show, the application form is currently a Google form. This is temporary. For all other users who see the older channel page, the application form will remain the same.

Movies Page

Discover more hit films! The movies page has been added to the navigation bar on web, under the "Explore" dropdown menu.



so we, the team members, now take our place in unnecessary things for your channel pages. we’re off the cover page of the site. and now the channel pages for our projects…so…

in case the rest of you didn’t see this, look at the TABS on the lower part of that pages. the TEAM is now off on that.

Doesn’t look like the cover page people are left anything either…so…right. :frowning:

I can stil see the tab, it is the tab subtitle team, not just a tab named team.
Or are you talking about something else?

I think that, since it’s still a work in progress, different people see different things.

I thought that @deadliftdiva_548 was referring to the fact that the teams are now “hidden” behind another click, instead of being shown more prominently. But I could be wrong …

I suddenly have since today that if I go to the page of a show through my laptop that I have the old version and if I go to the same page through my phone, then I have the new version.
Is this normal?
because I liked the new version a bit more than the old one

Oh no today I got the new design too and I hate it! Now the team is pushed back and our pretty walls people spend a lot of time on to make are even more hidden.


Today I got the new design, too and it’s so ugly, I hate it!

No coverpages anymore on the main page, so Viki pushes out the next “species” of Volunteers? Only if you go to the “Subtitle Team” you can find the coverpage, even the English one. In future, who will still spend hours to create a coverpage, if you hide them from the mainpage? And “Subtitle Team”, hello Viki! This is our Volunteer Team and this team does not only do subtitles, but segments and edits, too!

Where are the episodes? They should be on the main page! If you scroll down, you can find the clips and teasers, but not the episodes, you must click on “episodes” to watch them. Are those clips and teasers so important, that you put them on the main page, but hide the episodes under an extra button? I never watch those clips, esp. if there are so many of them. This is weird, really weird!

Concerning the team it’s positive, that you still can choose between CM, moderators, segmenters and subtitlers. But negative, that you don’t even show all moderators from a bigger team. People are lazy and not everyone will scroll down, if they are looking for a respective moderator, so they will bother the CM more.

Nope, I don’t like it and will switch back to the old version as long as this is possible.

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Urgh. I am using Android smartphone and I don’t see any videos or clips in this new version. I guess scroll down for phones doesn’t work because I have no videos at all.

Oh well, time to sit back and relax I guess :woman_shrugging:t2::raising_hand_woman:t2:‍♀

@somejuwels. I want the old version too. At least
with that one I can see the videos for subtitling purposes. :eyes:


Update: It’s back to the old version so I better finish subbing what I was doing before it is in the new version again :woman_facepalming:t2::raising_hand_woman:t2:‍♀

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Yes, I’m not sure if I shall ask someone to make a pretty wall. I mean 99% of the people will not even see it anyway. It’s on the team tab but burried under the other team stuff. Not that that team stuff needs to be burried under the wall but the wall needs to be up front in my opinion, otherwise what’s the purpose of making them look nice?!


I really wish they would ask us about design ideas before they implement it.

The dark mode is already a mess, the new inbox too (way too long loading and often unavailable or stuck that I cannot open new messages or that the page copy past reply text from other messages into a newly opened message…) and now the channel design too.

Maybe they should split mobile from desktop mode. I somehow got the feeling that many of these new layout decisons are somehow related to mobile and viewer’s perspective mostly.


I just set up the German coverpages for Flower of Evil and The Great Ruler a few days ago, but who will see them with the new design?


I just saw the new design. I wrote my opinion on this thread